Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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201 Pink Pool Tubes
202 Small Squishable Photo Booths
203 American Girl Stores V 2 Comments
204 Sweet Valley High
205 Nim's Island
206 Weapon and Armour Buffs and Debuffs
207 Backpack
208 Time Machine

Like going to the nether or the end.

Or going back in time

209 Rare Tamable Pegasus and Unicorn V 4 Comments
210 Villager Money

Villager money is emeralds

So everything is cheaper yaay - MChkflaguard_Yt

That's emerlads

211 Toucans

They can be a jungle mob the only jungle mob is cats if tucans were added the jungle would be more interesting and they could drop bird meat or something

Toucans could be tamale and you could teach them to f-bomb a village or public server

The comment below me I would say they can add feathers instead

Yes! This should be added in 1.14!

V 4 Comments
212 Flamethrower

Crafted by a lava bucket or flint and steel a stick and 7 iron ingots can deal 10 heart damage pleas add it

It would be crafted with 1 button, 6 stone, a lava bucket and a flint and steel

V 2 Comments
213 Penguin

And an Antarctic biome that's bigger than all the other ice biome

V 1 Comment
214 Arctic Biomes V 3 Comments
215 Bigger Beds V 1 Comment
216 Shopping Mall V 2 Comments
217 Dye (For Dying Your Player's Hair)

No this would be hard to program

Not to hard to program if u can dye sheep

218 Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.
219 Fairies
220 Arendelle
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