Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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301 Megalodon Megalodon

It would make the game more interesting

302 UFOs
303 Flags

This show your kingdom (if you already have 1) and nice decoration for city squares,schools and houses. - MChkflaguard_Yt

304 Black Holes V 1 Comment
305 Hidden Blade
306 Footballs
307 Video Games

Bruh that doesn't make sense if u play a video game inside a video game

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308 Store System
309 Laptop
310 Parkour Moves
311 Unicorns

Riding them will give you a random enchantment maybe

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312 Wings V 2 Comments
313 Connected Minecarts

I love making rollercoasters on servers with friends, but we can't ride together so I would LOVE to have connected minecarts for me and my friends!

If we had connected minecarts we could make REAL rollercoasters and it would be more fun

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314 Zipline V 2 Comments
315 TV V 2 Comments
316 Lamps

If you don't have torches, make lamps instead!

317 Garbage Cans

What if you have stuff you want to discard, but don't know where to put it? Trash cans are the answer!

Yeah no more keeping throwing your stuff away then u accedently get it on the ground

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318 Couches You Can Sit On

Where are you going to sit when your watching T.V.? Couches of course!

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319 Dolphins

Want to ride Dolphins, hunt sharks, or explore whales? Go to the ocean!

320 Diving Suits

If we had submarines and diving suits we could explore the ocean easier

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