Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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301 Demolition Crane
302 Hair Armor V 1 Comment
303 Telephones V 1 Comment
304 Dingo Dingo The dingo is a wild dog found in Australia. Its exact ancestry is debated, but dingoes are generally believed to be descended from semi-domesticated dogs from East or South Asia, which returned to a wild lifestyle when introduced by Aborigines into Australia.

And an African biome with African mobs and small rivers for hippos to spawn in

305 Diary
306 Talking Toilets
307 Zombie Mermaids

At light level 1 it turns hostile! Kills you by swinging it's tail on you!

308 Dollar Bills
309 Coins

Not much money, better than nothing

310 Giraffe
311 Blood Pig V 2 Comments
312 Mud Balls V 2 Comments
313 Wool Armor V 1 Comment
314 Hat
315 Jacket
316 Emerald Horse
317 End Stone Horse V 1 Comment
318 Bedbug V 1 Comment
319 Rat

Or their natural habitat is subway biomes and the run away from subway mobs on sight and they instantly die if they touch a subway mob

Kills you by it's nose touching you!

320 Tent
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