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21 More Dogs

Each of them with different speeds and they can dig dirt up when you say.

Different breeds would be great.

There is a mod but without the mod it would be so cool!

King cavalier

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22 Weapon + Tool Combos

What about axes - dorigthellama

Like a diamond sword pickaxe


23 Other Charters

Maybe addnew gamemodes with different characters& stories

24 A Thirst Level

It would be great you could craft a canteen out of leather and then drink it it would add realism because without food you can last at least 1 month

That would be great, I'm sick of just looking at my food level, they should be realistic and make a thirst level too

It would bring survival to a whole other level, but perhaps that be a option so that for beginners.

Aviable and Toggleable in Project Minecraft 1.8.11 Reloaded Modified Client - Skill117

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25 Family

The company is not creative at all!

I don't really like this idea for some reason.

Ripoff of sims 3

Again, we do we need more elements of real life in this game? - NoEntranceHere

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26 Reptiles (Snakes, Lizards, Etc)

Snakes can be your pet and injects a little amount of poison which will wear down your health to 6. They can be defensive. But cobras are hostile and can wear down your health to 2.

Snakes! They should be poisonous and found in jungle biomes

Leopard geckos! They are so cute! Imagine having those in Minecraft as pets!

They should make it so crocodiles would spawn in the swamp biome

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27 Flood Lights

This sounds useful because you can mine without torches

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28 Deeper World

Deeper earth is my guess what he meant, it will be very cool and AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Oh I just farted

What do u mean deeper worlds?

29 Dinosaurs

That would be cool and it would give bones more of a use, Like making materials and weapons. And fossils could spawn in extreme hills biomes

Probably get out of hand and would make harder to live with dinosaurs roaming around but maybe there could be a specific biome for it to make things easier

They would become scarier than enter an with their jaw busted

That you could tame and ride.

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30 Bookbags

If they don't want it to be overpowered

All they have to do is only have one backpack level (no tiered or upgrades) that has only a row slots.

Or all they have to do is have an upgradeable backpack that only adds a few slots per level.

Call them backpacks because the name book bag sucks - Goatworlds

Yes! More inventory slots would be amazing!

No this would make the game too easy

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31 Fire Ender Dragon

No because we already have a nether mob (wither)

How about not naming it a ENDER Dragon, huh? - NoEntranceHere

A fire dragon in end is cool!

You mean nether dragon?

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32 Pet Fish

Fish are useless in Minecraft accepte for eat in and I love pets

Unless notch added acctual visable fish mobs that you can scoop up with a fishbowl then it could work

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33 Different Stages

What do you mean?

34 Basketball Hoops

We can play basketball in another game!

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35 More Minerals

This would be good if they had a good texture which would add new way of building

Uranium so mining is dangerous - MChkflaguard_Yt

Rubies abd platmim

Rubys and amethysts

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36 Tornadoes

An added way to troll people on severs or to just make it really hard on hardcore.

There is a mod

Would be cool but might crash game on x box. Op for destroying peoples houses

No. I played matural disasters mod and it was terrible. It just picks you up and spins you around.

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37 A Heat Feature

That would ruin Minecraft, just being near lava would kill you? It would be so hard to get obsidian.

Ugh. No survival Craft has it and I hate it

That would ruin Minecraft. No, just no.

That would ruin Minecraft

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38 Atlantis

There could be a kraken boss that spawns here

On Wii U edition, for battle mode, atlantis is a mode. - TeamRocket747

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39 More Bosses

We have a end boss and a nether boss so why not a overworld boss like herobrine (it will also serve so players don't get scared) or the red dragon

What about a devil to live in the nether and some cannibals to live in the over world? - IAmNotARobot

Come on! Terraria has more than 10 bosses (Also including mini bosses) but why not Minecraft?


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40 More Kinds of Pie

Potato, apple, and maybe even carrot pie would be nice.

It would be funny to make a TNT pie.

A walking zombie pie will be more awesome than TNT Pie!

Nyan pie!

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