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41 More Kinds of Pie

Potato, apple, and maybe even carrot pie would be nice.

It would be funny to make a TNT pie.

A walking zombie pie will be more awesome than TNT Pie!

Lol you can TNT pie face zombies

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42 More mobs

Maybe you can find weak dragons on the normal world and demon dragons in the nether

Like red dragon. Or ender overlord

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43 Heater

Good, but you can not feel coolness in Minecraft.

44 Dragons

Therefore is an Ender Dragon, and a dragon mod, idiot.

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45 Food

Hmm, I agree! This would be an amazing idea to add oh wait it already exists nub.

(sarcasm) YEAH! Let's add baked potatoes, mutton golden apples, and more! - Goatworlds

There is already food in Minecraft - Imreallyboredrightnow

Yeah let's add steak and apples! Noob

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46 Red Dragons

My god. Such a good idea. Battle the endear dragon with one

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47 Cooler V 2 Comments
48 Fingers

I know you telling me fingers won't be food, use them to be useful on breaking stuff!

Eating a finger sounds disgusting. I can't imagine that.

One word comes to mind... lets see.
No, more like cannabilism, little johhny, and please raise your hand next time by the way.

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49 Modding API

With full modding support then you can add anything you like to the game making modder's lives that much easier without having to port their mod over to the new version every time Mojang wants to add something stupid like a horse.

Maybe put it in the menu click on it youll come up with a list of mods NOT ON GOOGLE ON MC! that's cool write?

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50 Every Single Animal

Ugh I really really want more animals in pocket edition. Really horses are the one I want most

I don't think it would be possible to add EVERY SINGLE ONE, but yes more animals would be nice.

I just love that idea great just great idea

Too good to be true... Love this, though!

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51 More Mechanical Items

It will be cool. U can add a jetpack or a computer!

52 Better Weapons

What about boxing gloves that do an extra 4 damage or maybe you can throw spiky balls at mobs - Goatworlds

Maybe a bedrock sword by getting bedrock from a bedrock golem?

Diamond bow and diamond arrows - Goatworlds

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53 Pizza

This Should Be First Then We don't Need To use Pies!

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54 More Tools

Such as scythes, spears, and more. - Goatworlds

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55 Drinkable Water

There already is drinkable water in Minecraft there are water bottles.

It is possible to drink water already!

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56 Spongebob

No. No that is a terrible idea. What would SpongeBob do? Run to a village everyday singing, "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready..."?

What's the point of this? It's not like he's gonna do anything but run around and wander off somewhere

YES! Let's add Krabby patties too. SpongeBob is awesome, but this idea sucks. - Goatworlds

Krabby Patties!

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57 Minecraft Transformers and Mechs

That would be awesome like do transformer armour that comes with its own weapons and turn into cars amd trucka

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58 Random Spawning Cities

That would be so cool because you may invite a friend over and pretend you have built it

They need to add more structures spawning to each biome.

I always thought it would be cool that if you built like a well and a few houses that there shoul be like villagers that come and build a huge city with like a city hall and shops and stuff but its kinda op

Yes like villages but more modern and larger

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59 Elevators

That could be to getting lost in your own massive structure

If you could build a big mall, you could add this!

Elevators could have their own mechanics.

Yes I'm so slow on the stairs

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60 MP3 Player

You could download songs from iTunes and it would be on the MP3 Player

This is a good idea Minecraft music is so boring

You can already play your own songs in Minecraft, just download a default resource pack and change the. Ogg files in the records folder and put it in Minecraft like any other resource pack.

Need a radio station

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