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61 Maple Trees

That would be cool, and if you cut down the tree some of the wood blocks would contain syrup, and maple syrup is good

Let go Canadians LETS GO! If syrup was added than PANCAKE will be added I HOPE NOTCH READS THIS LIST!

Yas Canadians for the win

First we need panacakes

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62 More Ores (Amethyst, Copper, Etc)

They could add amethyst, amethyst ore, ruby, ruby ore, sapphire, sapphire ore, topaz, topaz ore, garnet, garnet ore, pearls, and weapons and armor based on these

We can have more materials to make things

Terraira has lots. Minecraft is going to be even with terraira.

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63 More Villagers

Make the villagers give you things that aren't rip offs. Like a book and 6 emerald for an enchanted book of Sharpness? Are you kidding me!?

Please try other kinds of villagers besides regular villagers and zombie villagers.

How about a nuetreal villager army that could replace iron golems

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64 Talking Villagers

Parent's will freak out when people and zombies kill them and there yelling and crying :(

There are no voices in Minecraft, yet, let's keep it as it is.

AGREE! I always wished to have a talking villager. I can
talk with them while trading! @


65 Pokemon

Yes, my favorite carton, that is not in and 1.12 must add Pokemon!

Sure but make sure you don't forget pikachu

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66 Minecarts With Chests That You Can Ride In

No they don't exist, you can't ride them. - Goatworlds

We have those, they are called storage minecarts!

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67 Good Gameplay

Gameplay is already great.

68 Throwable Bombs

Maybe it will just be called " Bomb. " You throw it before exploding like throwing TNT, that is a kind of bomb that you set it off by flint and steel.

Trolling without the possibility of suicide

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69 Miners

You could hire these guys to find the ore you desire most.

Found in mine shafts and drop from 3 to 5 iron ingots

It is the hole point of the game come on notch

Why you don't just mine by yourself it kinda ruin the meaning of minecraft - MChkflaguard_Yt

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70 King for the Village

You could get villager king to trade More great stuff and also if you kill the king you could get a crown to control soldiers and villagers to fight mobs

Yeah that would be a good idea and knights like if you kill the king or provoke the king the knights will try to kill you

The king will make all rules, but there will have to be jails and a police station!

Someone you could assassinate to piss of the villagers

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71 Solar System

There is already a solar system it just takes a long time to get there by flying your guy from the ground.

Please add black holes and solar system

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72 Structures on Xbox

You can use blocks to make a structure.

What do you mean by structure? Xbox has all the generated structures PC has.

But if you mean to add more structures, then yeah!

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73 Paint

This would be cool so you could paint your house and have a pretty little white picket fence

You could troll people by painting their house bright pink

Yes so you can stain brick I'm sick of the same ugly brick color

I wish you can paint wood on bed and dye soft stuff on bed!

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74 Lapiz Lazuli Armor

This would be so awesome because lapiz lazuli has no use apart from dye and blocks

Great idea because lapis has little use

Probably weak, but decorative and neat.

It has a point you need it to enchant

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75 Dual Wielding

In my opinion the mods are kind of ruining everything by making you extremely OP. As someone said, 1.9 will be adding duel wielding. - IAmNotARobot

Troll. This will be added in the future update - Goatworlds

You can own everything

There is a mod for that

1.9, lost your dime

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76 Backpacks

Yes I am tired of my inventory filling up

Good idea for picking up more stuff, yes.

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77 Baby Dragon (Auto-Tame)

When you beat the dragon the egg will be a baby that auto tamed to you and he will be your body guard

And then if he grows up you can like teach him to fly so you can ride around on him

78 /nuke Command

That would be a terrible idea because it would cause lots of lag and crash

This would probably crash your game.

There's the TOO Much TNT mod

Just fill the world with TNT and use f&s - MChkflaguard_Yt

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79 Rocketship

Not the sun though you would have to craft moon ore armour and add a Venus crystal to it would be great

You can craft a rocketship and put it on a flat place then hop in and you can blast off. When you are in space, you can visit other planets, the moon, plus the sun! (made of lava and netherrack) and there should be new mobs, each unique to their planet/sun/moon.

You can go to space quicker than flying your guy, yes!

Download the galactic craft mod

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80 Herobrine

Say what! I just killed the real one in 26 of OCTOBER 2016. Now they want to RESPAWN HIM?! He can haunt us again, or hurt us, or make us can't go to sleep. Its really disturbing, but using him as our assistance, or a assassin is better, he can help us like that without causing trouble. Become our greatest guardian. Become the "clone, assistant and hitman HEROBRINE"

Herobrine must back and better

We want him in the game - kaos31

I just killed in 29 October 2016.He can be back but must be good than the bad one,as a clone too

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