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81 Backpacks

Yes I am tired of my inventory filling up

Good idea for picking up more stuff, yes.

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82 /nuke Command

That would be a terrible idea because it would cause lots of lag and crash

This would probably crash your game.

There's the TOO Much TNT mod

Just fill the world with TNT and use f&s - MChkflaguard_Yt

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83 Rocketship

Not the sun though you would have to craft moon ore armour and add a Venus crystal to it would be great

You can craft a rocketship and put it on a flat place then hop in and you can blast off. When you are in space, you can visit other planets, the moon, plus the sun! (made of lava and netherrack) and there should be new mobs, each unique to their planet/sun/moon.

You can go to space quicker than flying your guy, yes!

Download the galactic craft mod

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84 Herobrine

Say what! I just killed the real one in 26 of OCTOBER 2016. Now they want to RESPAWN HIM?! He can haunt us again, or hurt us, or make us can't go to sleep. Its really disturbing, but using him as our assistance, or a assassin is better, he can help us like that without causing trouble. Become our greatest guardian. Become the "clone, assistant and hitman HEROBRINE"

Herobrine must back and better

We want him in the game - kaos31

I just killed in 29 October 2016.He can be back but must be good than the bad one,as a clone too

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85 Ice Cream

Why do everyone talk about mint chocolate chip all the time. It's weird.

Well Ice Cream would be good.

Makes up 3.5 health bars


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86 Toilets

There is a mod. This sounds really disturbing, though. You can build toilets out of cauldrons and trapdoors.

You could use cauldrons except in pocket edition.

We need bathrooms to!

MCPE already has Calderons

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87 Ruined/Abandoned Villages

Monsters can live here or the buildings are destroyed

They exist. They're called Abandoned Mineshafts, Dungeons, and Strongholds. - Goatworlds

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88 Randomly spawned huge castles and villages

YES! You could take it over. Who wouldn't?

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89 Krabby Patties

This is a bad idea

Then Nick would sue Microsoft...

Nope. Not happening.

You mean burgers...

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90 McDonald's

What? So you just get a block and oh! There's McDonalds! They TOTALLY won't get sued for that! *sarcasm*

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91 A Colorizer
92 Drugs

Haha creepers would get high

Then it means sicknesses to - MChkflaguard_Yt

There's a weed mod

That would be awesome you could sell them to villagers for bigtime emeralds

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93 Computers

I've made my own computer in Minecraft (No redstone required) - Goatworlds

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94 American Girl Stores

They would sue - dorigthellama

Or dolls

Troll idea - BorisRule

I'm srry but what the FUU

95 You Could Make Loops In Roller Coasters

That would be so lit DO IT


96 Camping Gear

Try a tent, so you could have a place to sleep or just bring a bed.

Camping is for losers - MChkflaguard_Yt

Tents, Sleeping Bags, and smores


97 Usable Cabinets and Bookshelves

And every time you put something on it would appear in it outside the menu thing

Do cabinets, we already have bookshelves in Minecraft.

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98 Fried Eggs V 1 Comment
99 Skyland Dimension

We could build a floating island!

A dimension of floating islands.

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100 Pigmen

You mean regular pigmen than zombie pigmen?

Uh, yeah... They were originally gonna be the Villagers. They were replaced by Squidwards, and their texture file was removed in the Horse Update. - Goatworlds

Not a zombie pigman. Passive,


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