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101 Sky Dimension

YES! They have hell, why not add heaven! It could be floating islands and very bright. I don't like the way the Aether Mod portrayed heaven though.

102 Human Mob

What do you think villagers are supposed to be?

Would spawn in villages and have Steve's skin

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103 Goblins

Not the greatest addition.

What will the goblin look like?

NO NO NO Not in Minecraft. Minecraft is my favorite game and I can't have it ruined by goblins NONONONONO

Yes they can e replaced with ugly villagers!

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104 Sitting

No we don't, it was removed from Minecraft when they removed chairs

It is an action, but we already have sitting.

105 Demon Endermen That Spawn In the Nether
106 Troll Mob

Yeah it would be nice, a trolling mob, he will be my best friend!

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107 Biggest Pink Mansion V 1 Comment
108 School V 1 Comment
109 A Redstone Alarm Which Sounds When Activated by Redstone
110 Tar Pits

So sort of like spiderwebs but you suffocate

111 Black Holes V 1 Comment
112 Ridable Dragons

Use the summon command to spawn a minecart riding an ender dragon. Then hop on the minecart.

113 Breathing

Minecraft (sort of) already has breathing. What happens when you're underwater? You get a bubble meter, then when it runs out, you start to lose health.

Um, you do breath in Minecraft, its proven by the fact that you suffocate when stuck in blocks and need air when underwater.

You can hear a Blaze breathing.

This would add some realism in to Minecraft

Minecraft is about making the best possible world and that you can come out of the real world and have fun in this great sandbox breathing would make it horrible and what do you even mean by breathing if you go underwater you can drown?!?

114 Ruby Armor

Yeah! As long as there is ruby as well

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115 Parachute

So you don't take as much fall damage.

So when you climb on a tall tree you don't have to die when you jump down

At least you do not have to die from a 64 block tall cobblestone pillar!

That would be cool

116 Wizard Staff

They have brewing and enchanting what about tinkering

117 Bunk beds

It would be good when you are playing with someone

You can already make this you know... - Goatworlds

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118 Lamb

Baby sheep are called lambs, we have those in Minecraft!

Like a lamb to the slaughter

Ummm its already in Minecraft

119 A Power Cannon That Needs to Be Crafted by Emeralds

There's a rare chance of that happening.

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120 Sandwich

That would be. Cool, you combine bread and chicken/beef/egg and it does 5 hunger points

At least I won't get too hungry every day!

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