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121 LED Lights

Great for the holidays

Great if you building a club in Minecraft

That would be epic

It sounds good, but Minecraft will probaly never add it, due to copyright (s)

122 Auto-Multiplayer

People can join your server manually without putting in a IP code. - aarond90

123 Planets

It would be fun to blow them all of them up

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124 New Mobs

Like a lava dragon or Chinese dragon?

Like an elephant, tiger, lion, and others?

125 Solar Eclipse

Shooting stars can come out of the sky and planets orbit quickly andin last for 24 hours in minecraft

This can be epic kill herobrine now he'll become nice or despawn

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126 Lunar Eclipse V 1 Comment
127 Double Rainbows V 3 Comments
128 Goats

Goat cheese anyone? + these could spawn in extreme hills and drop edible goat meat and the cheese can be crafted from goat milk

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129 Tinkering
130 Mob Detector

It could set a beam of light like a beacon but pointing downward and if a mob walks into it and could trigger a Redstone alarm

I like the sound of that.

131 Ruined Villagers

Maybe have dark skin and black hairy with a sad face.

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132 More Types of Villagers (Knights, females, tinkerers, etc)

Do knights so we kill more zombie villagers with iron golems!

Yeah they should have these

133 Sapphire

Sapphire should be rare

There is a mod people!

134 Flying Mobs

We have some flying mobs already, more would be fine.

Um isn't the ghastly scary enough

135 Naturally Spawning Nether Portals

In rare nether dungeons.

136 More Breeds of Dogs

Like a cat.
You tame them their texture changes.
Like a Dachshund, Labrador, etc

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137 More Weapons

Mace, throwing knives, regular knife, spear etc

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138 Chocobo

There is a mod but I like the idea of it in Minecraft

It would be nice to ride one

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139 Non-IP Multiplayer

Like people could just join your server be clicking on it

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140 Jungle Fences

We already have that

We already have that.

Don't they have that?

They already exist nøøb

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