Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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161 Empty Bookshelves V 1 Comment
162 More Blocks

You should add creeper blocks for Xbox 360

V 1 Comment
163 Cabinets
164 Coloured Signs V 2 Comments
165 Rope Bridges

There are no things that you could cut with in Minecraft, so a very good idea!

If you cut all the ropes the bridge will break - aarond90

V 1 Comment
166 Colored Bricks V 1 Comment
167 Cheese

Milk will have another use

Could be crafted by milk?... Maybe

168 Smokes V 2 Comments
169 Rope

If we get these, we could do so many cool things, such as climbing them, pulling blocks or entities towards us, making cool mechanisms or other such great things. Also, if we didn't have these, we won't have other cool stuff like Grappling Hooks or Rope Bridges.

170 Planes V 2 Comments
171 Triple Chests
172 More Fruit

And veggies! You could be healthy and fruit salad and normal salad

This would be awesome because the stuff existing is boring

I suggest adding fruit trees like bananas, oranges, peaches, and papayas

Tomatoes, prunes, asparagus, even veggies!

173 Double Ender Chest

That would be awesome! Who ever thought of that is a genius!

V 1 Comment
174 Chocolate

Yummy reminds me of hersheys

You should be able to use two coca and that make choclate also if you put it in the furnece it would turn into molten chocolate

175 Judge Dredd Helmet
176 More Enchantments

One that freezes mobs for 2 seconds

Like on that lets you summon lightning or something

177 More Explosives

/detonate makes a HUGE explosion

178 Teleportation

There's a teleport command guys.

V 1 Comment
179 An Ore That Requires a Golden Pickaxe to Mine

Finally u can do something with a stoopid golden pic.

V 1 Comment
180 Nether Brick Fence Gates
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