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21 Elephant Mobs

Imagine a minecraft jungle and as you walk through, there stands a 5 by 5 elephant.

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22 Statues

Stone and clay statues would be awesome! I would also love it if tombstones and tombstone/statues could be added.

Great instead of building the statue of liberty w/ emerald block

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23 Poop V 4 Comments
24 Nether Bosses V 1 Comment
25 Birds (Besides Chickens)

We just need to add that and some guns so we can kill them : )

26 Normal Bosses
27 Ancient Cities In Certain Biomes
28 NPC Generated Castles V 1 Comment
29 Bread Tools

Tools that you can eat!

I agree so much

Yes. YES! - Absolite

30 Sirens

A good hostile water mob. Could change into something useful like diamond or something and when you swim up to it it would turn back and attack you!

That will kill you

31 Shipwrecks
32 Rubies
33 New Potions

Add Blindness, Extra Health, Jump, I Know In The 1.7 Update They Added "Water Breathing" But Still.

Yes, I Agree With New Potions, Like Hunger, Nasuea, Splash Potion Of Wither, But Mojang Didn't Add Those Potions. But Come On Mojang Add Those Potions!

34 Mermaids V 2 Comments
35 Customizable Paintings

Put your photos and pictures from paint for an AWESOME painting

36 Story Mode

You could create a story mode of you're life

37 Grenade

I don't like TNT because you need to use flint and steel but grenades you only have to throw

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38 Jellyfish

This should already be in mine craft! It would make the sea MUCH more interesting!

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39 Emerald Tools
40 Polar Bears Polar Bears The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.

It's already in minecraft

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