Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to or Removed from Mario Kart

The Top Ten

1 Custom Tracks

It would be fun to make your own track wouldn't it?

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2 Forcefield

To defend yourself from shells and stuff like that.
Only 3 chances.

3 Delfino Citizen as a playable character

Nintendo you made a shy guy a playable character!
So why not make a Delfino Citizen one!

Their Called Piantas - ToadF1

4 A Super Mario Bros Course

Piranha Planthe Slide from MK7 - ToadF1

5 Mario Kart 9!

Some Potential, I want them to make a new console for it - ToadF1

Because we need another game. think of the posibilitys!

6 Boo Item

But it's back in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - ToadF1

It could act like a blooper but last longer.
Say you get one of these. It would pick a random player or CPU and cover their screen with boos.

7 Mega Shell

Like a gigantic shell that if it hits you, you go ALL the way to last place

It's called the Bowser Shell - ToadF1

8 Re-add chain chomp!!!!
9 Poison Mushroom
10 Remove the Blooper

The blooper is absolutely useless because it doesn't block out our view to well, maybe replace it with something that actually works. - aarond9010

Or Buff the Blooper - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Funky Kong

OH HELL NO! - ToadF1

12 Invincibility lasts longer.
13 F-zero Courses
14 Sonic

No - ToadF1

15 Remove Blue Shells

It's to make the game fair - ToadF1

16 Racing Chat
BAdd New Item

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