Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to or Removed from Mario Kart

The Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to or Removed from Mario Kart

1 Custom Tracks

It would be fun to make your own track wouldn't it?

I want this so bad. - ThatOneRacer

2 Forcefield

To defend yourself from shells and stuff like that.
Only 3 chances.

3 Delfino Citizen as a playable character

Nintendo you made a shy guy a playable character!
So why not make a Delfino Citizen one!

4 A Super Mario Bros Course
5 Mario Kart 9!

Because we need another game. think of the posibilitys!

6 Boo Item

It could act like a blooper but last longer.
Say you get one of these. It would pick a random player or CPU and cover their screen with boos.

7 Mega Shell

Like a gigantic shell that if it hits you, you go ALL the way to last place

8 Re-Add Chain Chomp
9 Funky Kong
10 Poison Mushroom

If it hits you.
You shrink

The Contenders

11 Remove Blue Shells
12 Remove the Blooper

The blooper is absolutely useless because it doesn't block out our view to well, maybe replace it with something that actually works. - aarond9010

13 Invincibility lasts longer.
14 F-zero Courses

In F-Zero X on the N64 one of the tracks was Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road that had been F-Zero-fied.
Now Mario Kart 8 has introduced anti-gravity tracks I think it would be cool if some F-Zero courses got Mario Kartified.
E.G. Lightning Loop Cross from F-Zero GX would be a good'un.

15 Sonic
16 Racing Chat
17 Remove the Koopalings
18 Remove Metal Mario

Was there any point to adding him instead of Waluigi (7) and Diddy Kong (8 / 8 Deluxe)?

BAdd New Item