Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Dodge Button in Battles

Just like in the anime! - Goatworlds

2 Sound Type Pokemon
3 Cosmic Type Pokemon

Yeah but... what purpose would a 20th or 21th type serve? And Cosmic sounds like just a slightly cooler name for the already-existing fairy type. - keycha1n

Weak against: Steel and Fire Resists: Grass, Water, Electric Immune to: Ground
Can deal lots of damage to: Ground (Meteors), Types that resist: Fire. Immune types: Dragon - Goatworlds

4 Ability to use Poke Balls in Wild Double Battle (Click on the Pokemon you choose)
5 Poison immune to Grass

Other way around! Having 5 weaknesses is already a huge setback for the underpowered grass type! - keycha1n

6 Splash has a 0.0001% of doing an OHKO
7 Luxio and Luxray are Electric/dark type with more dark moves

Including Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Pursuit (as Shinx), and Fake Out - Goatworlds

8 Dewott and Samurott are Water/Fighting

And can learn Sacred Sword, Close Combat, Focus Blast, Brick Break, Rock Smash, and Focus Punch - Goatworlds

9 Fighting Type Eeveelution

Or Strikeon - Goatworlds

10 Charizard and Gyarados are Dragons and not Flying

The Contenders

11 Mega Ninetales
12 Mega Zoroark
13 More customization

I'm an artist so it would be so nice if there is a feature where you can draw your own (i.e. picture on your trainer's outfit, or a mural on your house).

14 New Anime Texture
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