Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to Super Mario Maker for Future Updates/DLC


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1 More Overworld Themes

I think just world 1 levels is REALLY boring

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2 Gravity Switches

This may seem hard to code, I know. Anyway, in Super Paper Mario, there is a stage called the Whoa Zone, and it featured a block that, when hit, flipped the gravity 180 degrees. This should be added, it would be an interesting element. - TheYoshiOverlord

I agree. This element would be very useful and would add to the creativity

3 More Power-Ups

What Penguin Suit Frog Suit Hammer Suit And The Ice Flower

We need more than just 3 power-ups in our levels.

These are style-exclusive. Example: Ice Flower (NSMBU) and Hammer Bro Suit (SMB3) - TheYoshiOverlord

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4 More Game Styles

Let's add Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).

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5 Torpedo Ted

If you put a Bill Blaster underwater, it becomes a Torpedo Ted launcher. - TheYoshiOverlord

If You Put Some Bullet Bills In The Canon, It Turns Into Torpedo Ted.

6 Slopes
7 More Enemies

I mean, seriously we need more enemies than this.

Make it so some enemies can only be placed in certain kinds of levels (raise your hand if you're tired of seeing boos in the acorn plains and seeing thwomps in airships)

It may be easy for the developers to add, for example, the Chargin' Chuck to the game although there's always an alternative that needs to be added so that all of the games can have a Chargin' Chuck alternative.

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8 Fire Bros.

If you put a Fire Flower on a Hammer Bro, it becomes a Fire Bro. - TheYoshiOverlord

If You Shake A Hammer Bro It Turns Into A Fire Bro.

9 Water Without a Water Level V 1 Comment
10 Invisible Tracks

This would just make levels like GameXPlain's Space Invaders look better, but it's still a nice touch. - TheYoshiOverlord

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11 Lava Without a Castle V 1 Comment
12 Baby Yoshi

If You Shake A Yoshi, I Turns Into A Baby Yoshi.

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13 False Walls V 2 Comments
14 Koopalings

You can't have a proper boss fight without them. No Koopalings = me tired of Mario maker

Bowser and his son just aren't enough.

15 Better Course World

The Option to make an entire game in course world that looked like a Mario game, So you could make a custom super Mario game with the same layout except you made the levels and got to chose the number of levels

16 Secret Exits

Otherwise, ghost houses would practically be useless.

17 Super Sonic Maker

That would be genesis's game. Not Nintendo's.

18 Angry Sun

We need the angry sun! Imagine if there were like 5 of them at the same time O.o

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19 On/Off Block
20 World Map Editor
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