Top 10 Things That Should be Awarded in TheTopTens User Awards

Our wish might come true. Let's see how many you come up with.

The Top Ten

1 Most Marvelous

Who will it be? Hmm - EpicJake

No epic jake it will be positron wildhawk because somehow everyone votes for him - Nateawesomeness

Positron. - ResonatingScreamS

Umm,I hope I didn't offend you positron,I wasn't saying your bad(if you read this)-nateawesomeness(I got suspended)

2 Achievement Award

My first achievement on this site was the 'High Quality Blog Post' award. :D - Wolftail

This is an interesting award. - JaysTop10List

Alexandr wins,highest member score - Nateawesomeness

It really depends on what you're rewarding.

If it's the most contributions to the site, then Htoutlaws2012.
If it's the best high quality contributions, then Metal_Treasure.
If it's the best blog posts, then PositronWildhawk.
If it's the best lists, then I guess Htoutlaws2012.
And if it's the highest achievement points on the Wikia, then Neonco31, as Gamecubesarecool189 and I would've been disqualified even though both of us were ranked higher than him.

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3 Most Sarcastic

PositronWildhawk, can you get me the soda " Sarcastic" so I could be like you? - JaysTop10List

There should be A Sarcastic Overview on TheTopTens User Awards.

Despite him not being my favorite user Puga would win that award.

4 Funniest

I think I know a few... - JaysTop10List

Eh I don't know for this one. Probably Puga... I don't know.

Sirskeletor the 3rd wins

5 Greatest
6 Most Legendary

PositronWildhawk, Britgirl, MatrixGuy, Alexandr, Magnolia, Htoutlaws2012, Metal_Treasure, and Therandom would be the only ones even close to getting this one.

It will be PUGA! - SwampertBABY

7 Nicest

TwilightKitsune or Britgirl. - ResonatingScreamS

This one is so hard to tell but from me may be - Ananya & Britgirl - Righteous

Eh that would be Twilight Kitsune.

A tie between Gary the snail,Martinglez,and castlevania

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8 Kindest
9 Outstanding User
10 Sweetest

Britgirl - Nateawesomeness

The Contenders

11 Youngest

Maybe a 7 year old. Not many people are really young. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

DuckDuckGoose is five years old.

I'm 10.

Probably a tie between Istooduptoabully and rockstarr

12 Country Representative User

Which user should represent a certain country? If it's about my country, it has to be me! Haha!

13 Most Comments

I hold number 1 spot for the last 7 days part. - DapperPickle

That goes to Positron.

14 Most Followers

ModernSpongebobSucks, Postironwildhawk, Britgirl or Metal_Treasure it would be a tie between those four.

15 Most Lists
16 Most Remixes

Only person that comes to mind for this would be Htoutlaws2012.

17 Best Member Score

Alexandr is the king of this category!

18 Best Username

Mine makes no sense to most of you. I lost again. - Cyri

400th comment I think!
HMMM... Maybe me, nah... - DapperPickle

Positron wildhawk - Kevinsidis

SmoothCriminal, PositronWildhawk, Metal_Treasure, IronSabbathPriest, ArchangelOfDeath, SammySpore, Danteem, Therandom, Velitelcabal, Alexandr, and DarkenedBrutality (Me), all have great usernames, in my opinion. I know I said Danteem, and he may be a bad user, but his username is good enough. This is something very hard to decide.

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19 Most Active TopTenner

I'm here everyday, even in school!

This is mine, I'm on every day. - DapperPickle

Give meh that, I'm 23/7 active! - kontrahinsunu

Gimme! - ResonatingScreamS

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20 Most Gender Sensitive User of the Year

I think we all know who this user is.

Congratulations for DK,you win for being the most sexist user

21 Activation User Award

What does this mean!

22 Love Yourself Award

As in narcissism or a Justin Bieber song? - Cyri

I'm gonna give this one to the one & only... " BestPersonEver " what a great username haha :P - Righteous

23 Best Troll

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks. Definitely. - ResonatingScreamS

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks. Worst troll goes to BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo (Me).

24 Most Logical Comments

That would be hard to judge.

Hmm...I'd probably say Kieretsunu wins that category.

25 First Ever TopTenner Other Than the Admins

Is this Zezerex?

Positron - Nateawesomeness

26 Oldest TopTenner

Cameo, enough said. - FasterThanSonic


That is keyson - Nateawesomeness

27 Virtuoso Music Awards
28 Achievement Awards
29 Foreign Awards
30 Commentro Award
31 Gay Award
32 Hall of Fame Awards
33 Oldest User (In Terms of the Date Joined)

Beyond a doubt that would be Admin...

34 Cutest

Does bleach count?

Jared - Righteous

35 Most Accounts

I had AggressiveBlaze, CaillouRocks46, BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo, TeenTitansGoRules, Xx_D0nalDTruMpR0kZ69_xX, ElectricCorpseSlayer, Opinions, and DarkenedBrutality. That is 8 accounts confirmed, so chances are I would've easily gotten this one.

36 Creativity Award
37 Most Well Known Troll

I don't know!
Meanwhile, I am looking at Disney1994.

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