Cigarettes are honestly really dumb. "I'm going to lose all of my money and give myself cancer and die a horrible painful death while ignoring all of the warnings that were given to me. Also I'm going to put everyone around me at risk AND annoy them with the smell of my smoke and maybe even start a fire with my discarded cigarette." there are no benefits and it doesn't make you cool it just makes you a douche.

This is so hypocrit. Cigarettes should be banned but on the other hand when you talk about marihuana and other drugs than they prefer it to be not illegal ( with the arguments that it will lower the crime etc... ). What is the difference here? You think that if you ban cigarettes that you will not create a new kind of crime? Get real, if you ban cigarettes you will have a bigger problem than heroin addicts who are in need of a fix. Also hypocrit is the propaganda used in hollywood films. Whenever someone is smoking a cigarette in a movie, you get the all-moral lecture how bad it is ( every time! It's so annoying ) but when in the same movie someone is smoking pot it's accepted without any critic about it. Guess what, smoking pot is usually cut with tabac and even if you smoke it pure it's as bad as cigarettes in the matter of giving you cancer. And how can be things like racism, global warming, war, terrorism etc... all be ranked lower than cigarettes? Hypocrits!

I don't condone smoking, nor do I do it myself. But it is not the governments job to protect you from yourself. I've lost 2 grandfathers to lung cancer because of smoking, but still, people should have the freedom to do what they want. Children should be educated on how dangerous they are, and if they choose to smoke anyway, it's their decision. - ryanrimmel

It really should be banned. If smoking was banned, the fear of people smoking and dying of it would decrease big time - CommanderLudwig

I think it should, because it's bad for the one who intakes it and for people around people that smoke, And you risk getting cancer, really no good can come from cigarettes.

It's almost fascist and radical to want cigarettes banned. Nobody imposes you to smoke. It's a free choise. Besides, look what happened in history when they banned alcohol. Empires of crime were making money because of the prohibition law ( Al Capone and many others ). Same would happen if you ban cigarettes. The crime world would make profites never seen before. I agree, they are bad for your health but like I said,nobody is imposing you to smoke and many measures were taken already to not be bothered by smokers ( Pubs, restaurants, schools, open social places... ). Before you write something negative for cigarettes think first of the negative consequenses it might give if you ban them. Besides, children and teenagers will be tempted to smoke more quickly when something is illegal. That's a known social fact.
My advice ; don't start smoking, stay away from them, but my other advice is ; before you write something negative, think first rational about it.

Please visit Healthcare In time, things like this may help people slow or stop smoking?.. I stopped long ago, it was difficult, I think, for me it was a release, but, I had, tunnel vision, there's other ways, to feel better, I didn't know.

(DST) Daylight savings should be here. Daylight savings is stupid. And I'm talking about the one in March. Where you have to take the clock off the wall and turn it an hour forward. Losing an hour of sleep. It causes people to be late for work or school or whatever it is you have to go to. Not just that I heard it causes, health problems? If is causes health problems then get rid of it. It needs to end.

Google- Paid family leave around the World... You will see that in the USA...We don't Have It!... This is another Good Reason Not to Smoke around your baby... Get Back to Work! You Mule!... We the People can Change this!

I hate cigarettes with a burning passion. They pollute in every way. I can't believe those idiots claimed cigarettes are good for you, when they are the exact opposite! - MusicalPony

No need to ban cigarettes. Unlimited free health care means I can smoke as much as I want, and somebody else can pay for my all of my different surgeries, and even a lung transplant if needed.

Cigarettes... and the Republican Party healthcare Plan... Which is NONE. What a Good Way for a slow painful Death. Glad I'm A Democrat and Don't Smoke. I'm too smart for that. I'm a Democrat. Smart.

We should banned cigarettes. Without cigarettes, we could live fine and no smoke won't get in our lungs. Also, the trees won't die and the air would be clean to breath in nice, healthy air.

All you can do is tax the hell out of them, and educate people, who the hell are you to ban anything! Are you a nutty bible thumper? What if I can ban smart phones?.. You looney.

Cigarette companies are making money while people have trouble breathing. They're simply bad for the lungs. People are aware of the health risks but smoke, anyway. - madoog

If drugs are illegal, than cigarettes should be too. Both are addictive, both can cause death and cancers, and both take money out of your pocket. Think about it. - poppytarts155

Still if they were banned it would be like when alcohol was banned. Even if Cigarettes are deadly, some people just like smoking.

Cigarettes should be banned and with smoking population decreasing if they do it slowly no one will really notice so it won't be like prohibition.

Should get rid of all of them, then there were would be of none of them smoke. Smoking causes deaths and loads of bad pains!

Hillary Clinton could shoot somebody on main street on live camera and we would still Vote for her over Donald Trump.

All the more reason for healthcare and health education for all!.. Uneducated people smoke.

Cigarettes should be banned but the government don't care but at the time when somebody smokes cigarettes that many it would be a trouble - CerealGuy

AVOID the long lines on Election Day Tuesday November the 8,VOTE Early or By MAIL...or GET There Early...Drink Water...take shade...fully belly...

Global warming and access to healthcare.. Should be #1.. This affects us all! Urgently!

They kill the person smoking them and the second hand smokers near by who receive the unfiltered smoke.

Google... Lack of Paid Family Leave in America. We Voters need to Change This! In The 2018 Elections. Vote for Democrats... To Create CHANGE.