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201 Corporate healthcare

Look at documentary Cancer:the forbidden cures... And look at list of top 50 documentaries, not movies, documentaries are a cut above, you actually learn things.

Single Payer Healthcare for ALL American!... A healthy nation is a STRONG nation

All workers in america should have paid sick leave! It makes for happier more appricitive workers! I feel that many workers treat their job.. The way they are treated?

Take the Profit out of Healthcare.. The problem is solved.

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202 Paper money

This way the rich can't hide $$$$ in foreign banks... And Screw the rest of us!...

Bitcoin$ will stop much Fraud... Listen you who hide money offshore... Its over. Romney.

203 Ignorant consumerism

Double pay if you work the holiday!

Visit Socialist Party most in america are not aware what Socialism is at all!

Dumb corporate T.V... Radio.. Food... Corporate newspapers.. Be origional. Be you!... Think.. Reason!... Dude!

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204 Not voting

Protesting and Marching in the Streets is a Waste Of Time! If You don't VOTE!

... If the Crazies in power... Pity the rest of us... And women! ... Vote Democrats! ... NOW!

This gives the poor and middle class a chance! Vote All Democrats! Women!

Latinos Building America! Voten Latinos!

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205 Stress

Visit Socialist Party its very insightful most don't know what Socialism is! At all!

We retire old... Sick! No access to healthcare.. Daycare. work.. Work... Work... Inequality!... No time off... Die early!...

206 Anti gay marriage laws

... it's the last state still fighting this incorrect law! ... Vote Democrats and! ... We love you! Lgbt!

Imagine a world with no religions,what a wonderful world it would be.I wish.

All America has marrage equality now! Thanks Obama..Democrats and Voters! VOTE Democrats 2016!

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207 Welfare

.. Too many kids... If they can work! Give working people some easy breaks! ... I know people who get $$$$ for being overweight! Work cures that! ... Fast! ... What!

Sometimes you hit hard times!... It's a safety net!

What we need in America is GOOD LABOR LAWS! company's take.advantage of workers all the time! and protections have no teeth!

Do you mean Corporate Welfare?

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208 No access to good daycare

And some women vote Republican?... Why? So old white men choose for you!?

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209 Ethnic prejudice

The southern usa is very racist and sorry!

Women and minoraties, immigrants need TO VOTE for Democrats 2014..2016!

I see no use in a disabled baby,that birth needs to be terminated,this child will be of no use and a great expence.

210 Borders

One half of U.S.A. was and Is Mexico!... We need each other!

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211 Laws against carrying a concealed hand gun

... Guns are protection... Security too! In motels.. Travel.. Home... Auto... SAFETY!

Don't ever forget about the VICTIMS of crime! A criminal needs to pay for CRIME!.. This is a reality!.. To help us all.

All citizens in good standing,not being able to carry a concealed gun!

212 Withholding paid vacation

We only $$$$ country with NO paid vacations or sick days off!... Look it up! True. Sad.

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213 Imperialism

Visit Socialist Party Its an intresting read... This party I feel is the future in anerica.

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214 Repression

We need to make Healthcare in America,a Human Right,period,the Democrats can make this happen,if we keep winning elections! VOTE!

Its past time to legalize prostitution in the USA,it would make it safer all around,especially for the women! or men,the clients,and,the rest of us!

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215 Secondary education discrimination

This will hurt us ALL later!... We need doctors.. Attoneys... Skilled workers!

If Cuba is Free! WoW! 12 million people we can trade with. travel.. They can buy our products! Us theirs! This would help the U.S. and Cuba! Once agine Obama moveing us FORWARD!..

216 Not showing the movie Zeitgeist in schools

Add movie Sicko to that list!

Its thought provoking. Very.

217 SB1070 Arizona law

Don't vote immigrants... Republicans love cheap labor! Low low low wages! Enjoy!

How did Mexicans end up second tier,they were here 80 years before the Mayflower,and the Native Americans.

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218 National Rifle Association

It's a front and slush fund for the Republicans!

I support the NRA,but,Hell NO,I DON'T support the Republican Party! NO!

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219 Absence of civics education in high school

This teaches you how and why Voteing and politics touches all our lives!... And how to use those you place in power! To help you and us!

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220 Pollution

This counts for all type of pollution: Noise, air, water, and waste pollution. It causes bad things to happen on Earth, and if it doesn't stop the ozone layer would be gone and the sun will burn everything up, there will be no clean drinking water, and people would die from inhaling carbon monoxide in the air, etc. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

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