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221 Steam locomotives

Lets bring high speed rail to USA... In China they go over 300 mph!... Float on rails!

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222 No access to health care

Lets focus on healthcare, education, enviroment... Not wars and military waste!... No more war!

America neefs single payer healthcare,now! Vote for DEMOCRATS!..ALWAYS!

700 million Europeans have single-payer healthcare... Cause its simple! Cost effictive... Quicker... And we don't!... That's Stupud!...U.S.A.

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223 Opposition to global warming legislation

Whats more important than a clean planet and access to Healthcare for all of us? what good are Sick People? Republicans just DON'T GET IT!

Global Warming will kill us,Don't Vote Republicans,they are simply Stupid!

The GOP cares about profit $$$$... NOT about the rest of us! Not about EARTHCARE!

Then support Obama, democrats!

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224 Atheism

This should not be on this list. This is extremely offensive, and people should be allowed to believe what they believe. I do not believe in god, and I do not believe in hell. - benhos

Offensive? No! We don't need atheists here! You must been brainwashed! Get your facts straight!

Keep your superstitions to Yourself!


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225 Blaming Obama for everything

Republicans offer NO solutions... Just Complaints!... War.. Religion... Fantasy.

We have a good president... But a sorry house of representitives! We will fix this 2014! Demos!

Remember the GOP has the house!... No give and take there!... Old men... Old ideas!

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226 Close-mindedness

Single payer healthcare to start! WAY better than Obamacare!... NO COMPARASON!... In Europe, Austrilla, Japan, Canada, Mexico... Don't be Fooled!... It's so watered down in U.S.A.

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227 Gender prejudice

Women Power 2014!... VOTE Democrats... Hillary!?...2016!

I'm a woman, and I despise Hillary Clinton. And no, I am not an evil, kitten killing, murderer just because I don't like her. - RiverClanRocks

228 Unplanned pregnancies

Most people want their own family... Not others kids.

Keep birth control and abortions legal!

I am a Warrior for Planned Parenthood! VOTE Democrats!

229 Apathetic people

See movie Sicko... At Sicko we are the only major country left where healthcare is NOT a human right and is SOLD! For $$$$$!?

Trash cans often have good food.. No need to help the Democrats at all!... Bon apetite.. !

Live with Passion! Change America for the better! Activisem, Vote, protest! Register others to VOTE! Volenteer! Cre8 progress! Die content! Happy!

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230 Gangs

The real crooks are in Washington.

If people marry first.. Then have babies... Less gangs... Desperate people... Good familys... Less Hate!... Birth Control!

A by -product of proverty and inequaliity! Ignorance. A condition more than a crime!

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231 Anti-union people

Our labor laws have no teeth! Workers often cheated.. Terminated unjustly.. Extorted! Non-profits especially! Do fraud!

Unions help protect workers! Too much abuses by EMPLOYERS!... On pay, overtime, terminations!.. Labor law reform!

232 Paying tuition any higher than $1500 a year for college

Thank Mr. Obama for collage help! Democrats! We are the American future!

233 Corporate welfare

See movie Capitalism: A love story. Makes you think.

Tea baggers... Why not notice this!... And you dress funny too!... Lose a few Lbs. ok... Dental work too... Learn to spell... Join A.A.R.P.

Don't give money to Ability One,Pride industries,Goodwill,Do some research! These places are Scams,full of Fraud,and abuses of the disabled,look at CNN stories of Ability One!

234 High speed police pursuits

I fully agree! This is most often not needed!

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235 Political corruption

Start with voter suppression!.. Crooked redistricting.. Keeping people from polls!

A country that Charges its citizens money for healthcare,is not a country I'm going to fight in a War for,like the USA.

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236 Twerking

I saw someone do it at a Tiger's game when I was leaving. I puked and wanted to throw out my eyes.

This Even Ruined The Powerpuff Girls

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238 Terrible T.V. shows

So now apparently all T.V. executives are doing drugs, I mean just look at Uncle grandpa, Wander Over Yonder, Breadwinners, Honey Boo Boo, and so many other shows. Don't even get me started on Pac man and the Ghostly Adventures.

That's why I support Public Television. Quality.

This is why I watch Public T.V. and often Latin and European channels... Msnbc, sundance, intellegent T... Not corporate T.V... STUPID!

A) MSNBC sucks and European channels are only slightly better than American ones.
B) SpongeBob needs to be put to rest already, too many terrible episodes. Let's not get me started on the lists "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Seasons 10 and 11 of SpongeBob Squarepants."

239 Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, also known as Pac-World, is an American/Japanese/Canadian computer-animated comedy-adventure television series featuring Namco's classic video game character Pac-Man.

This show makes me hate my eyes. The main antagonist is incompetent, 5 of the ghosts are traitors, the protagonists friends are annoying, the pac people deserve to die, and the main protagonist is an annoying glutinous piece of crap

240 Poverty

Slavery alive and well, but now you oppressed by legal means... Unjust labor laws.. Discrimination... Weak unions... No help for employees... Easy to terminate workers.

The cure? Is knowledge.. Information.. Education.. Management.. Birth control.. Control...

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