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261 Not listening to Communist Party USA's advice

This party should not even exist in America The newspaper of communist party... USA...

Read their newspaper... Educate yourself.

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262 For profit schools
263 Labels

All we are is Humans. And alone.1 planet. No God... At least for now. Love is real. Hope. Prayer.

264 Not being a realist

The SATANIC BIBLE is enlightening.

This helps us all! Live in Reality!

265 Not showing the documentary, Sicko, in every school in the USA

Showing this to ALL would CHANGE the USA overnight,its FREE at Sicko BRING CHANG TO AMERICA!...AND VOTE 2016!

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266 American ignorance

You can't take FOX serious!... Its pure swill!

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267 Cops Cops Cops is an American documentary/reality legal series that follows police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies, federal agents and state troopers during patrols and other police activities including vice and narcotics stings.

With us Latinos, the more brown, poor, older car, the more the police, mess with us too!.. If you don't speak English, some are very abusive to you, personally!

Cops want a peaceful place and are (in their opinion) keeping the streets safe. Meanwhile, in NYC, they stick a guy in a choke hole for Pete's sake!

Violent country... Violent cops.. How can a country be so loveless?... Capitalism? No god? Drugs?... No wonder they sell war!... Profits! $$

DO NOT! Steal swisher sweets in the south!

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268 Prison reform

All should Vote... Ex offenders... Residents... Minorities... Young people... Women...

269 Monsanto

YES! I am sick of the fact that our government is slowly poisoning us. - benhos

270 Not growing the affordable care act

YES! Turn America into Europe! GREAT!...1st class country!... Help your OWN people!

I feel single payer is better... The ACA is a good start! Lets get there! Soon!

271 Suing Obama

Hell... He is trying to help us all! Screw John Boner!... Tan man. and the GOP.

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272 Not learning to play chess

Thinking will make you A Democrat.

This may benefit you John Mccain... GOP... Think outside the box! Dude...

It teaches you to THINK! Fox viewers... To Reason!... To Analize!... OK. fear not the brain!

273 Killing

No one helps people with no oil... So don't kill each other...

This not the answer.

274 War profiteering

Stupid People fight Wars for Smarter People.

Bring back the draft! O'gee.. no wants this!. why? The rich may be drafted?... No wars!

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275 Rumors

This is no rumor,we are going to legalize Prostitution in the USA,this will make it safer for all,healthier.

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276 Low quality cable T.V. Programs V 3 Comments
277 No more unemployment extensions V 3 Comments
278 Not using safety nets

Especially if republicans back in charge... We will need them... Screw the poor!... They Inept.

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279 Bankruptcy for healthcare

This happens with no universal healthcare.

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280 Political correctness

You can overdo anything!

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