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301 White flight

Equality makes better communities.

302 Exclusion

Stop voter suppression... NOW!

303 Inner city plight

Fix this... Screw Iraq.

304 Complication

Universal healthcare is simple!... Very!

305 The KKK

You do realize the Democrats started the KKK right?

Muhammad Ali is my HERO, Democrats.

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306 Intolerance V 3 Comments
307 Defense of Marriage Act

No one gives a rats ass what you conservatives want!... This is 2015!. not 1950!... MYOB!

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308 Hopelessness

The lower half of American dream... The dark side... The one the rich profit from.

309 Not registering to vote

We do have some power! Look at all the changes since 2008!... Good changes!.. we did this! WE.

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310 Conventional thinking

Movie:Capitalism a love story.

311 Lazy selfish people

Aka the entitled liberal trolls in this list.

Live with a purpose... Passion... Make change! VOTEN... Make HOPE! Vote democratic 2014!

312 Not being proud of your country

We can make it better! Vote for Democrats.

313 Mixing religion and politics
314 White fright

Fox news channel.. Is used to scare ignorant white people, listen to Liberal PROGRESSIVE talk radio instead!

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315 Illiteracy

Read,so you don't be a Sarah Palin,or a Fat Tea Party ignoranus,a Republican.

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316 No mandatory vacation pay

Not even 2 sorry weeks a year!

317 Flag waving

The USA is overrated,there is no access to Healthcare there,O.K.

Yes America is great, but, there is much room for improvement, Lgbt equality, single payer healthcare, stop climate change, so much more... Stopping voter suppression, getting rid of the GOP!

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318 Slavery

The New Slavery is Political!... The GOP is to keep the poor... Poor... Then they can't fight!

The GOP supports modern day Slavery,it's the GRAND OPPRESSION PARTY,aka...the Republicans.

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319 Wasting water
320 Comfortable prisons
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