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321 Forgetting victims of crimes

Those I care about not so much convicts... Not relly... the victims.. I do.

322 Exploitation
323 Assimilation V 2 Comments
324 Stodginess

Be young fresh kind decent... Forget the mean old selfish republican party... Lets progress... Lets make a better world!... VOTE DEMOS 2014!

325 Conservatives obstruction of science V 1 Comment
326 Being a low quality person

Don't reward this CRAP!

327 Femicide
328 Honor killings
329 Not celebrating former president Jimmy Carter

His new book is a WOW!

330 No affordable housing
331 Not giving
332 Not keeping occupy alive

They promote the Socialist Party! Democrats.. And Healthcare for Everybody! Close your Bank Accounts! And use Credit Unions instead!

333 Not being loved

USA helps all... Except its own people!

334 Never giving hope or faith a chance
335 Not giving peace a chance
336 Not visiting Mexico

They don't tell you to speak Spanish or go back to america you wetback... Like white trash does.

337 Not considering being a Democrat

When more can VOTE,Republicans will never win! They Dinosaurs!

V 3 Comments
338 Not supporting the National Rifle Association

I nevet vote for republucans! Bur I do love my guns... Anyone can do this!.. Vote democrats!

V 1 Comment
339 Mandatory health insurance

See movie Sicko, learn stuff!

V 1 Comment
340 Police brutality
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