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361 Not having a strong military

Use communication before bombs!

362 Not doing everything with love and concern
363 Imaginary gods

I hate goofy Christians!

364 Not being truly free
365 Social inequality

Single Payer Healthcare NOW!

366 Anti-Healthcare V 2 Comments
367 Not doing immigration reform

We lose talent to other countries!

368 No civil rights

You learn a Whole Lot! On MSNBC T.V... It opens your mind! I watch everyday! Progressive!

369 Complaining

Republicans need to offer solutions... Not complaints!... that got nothing! 0!

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370 Anti-secular repression
371 Living without purpose

I register people to vote... Democrats I hope!... The anti hate party of everyone!

372 Economic inequality

Grow the Socialist Party in America! Support Bernie Sanders!

Americans are slaves... But too stupid to know it.

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373 Lack of love for each other

United... Means we help us Americans 1st!

374 Anti-religion

Keep your religions to yourself!

375 Employers cheating honest workers

This happens a whole lot in the west... Employers take advantage of Mexican workers... And not hire Americans.

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376 Anti-union

Republicanes hate unions! They want slave labor! Peaones makeing a dallor a day! This keeps the rich rich! The poor poor! Get it?

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377 Not supporting hemlock society

Dead People should NOT BE ON LIFE SUPPORT,it serves no purpose! care for the liveing instead! End The Suffering of those on Comas! Now!

V 2 Comments
378 No immigrants rights
379 John McCain

Ugly little man... Inside and out... Loves WAR!?... I glad he not my president!... And his goofy sidekook Sarah Palin...

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380 Forcing religion on others

It's a sad and painful fact that people have been forcing their religion on other people for centuries now. Take the worshipers of the Norse Gods for instance, they got Christianity forced upon them! - AlexTopTens

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