Top Ten Things That Should be Banned


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421 Testosterone

Its time for a Women president.

422 Rednecks

They don't no.. No better!... Fox channel people.

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423 LGBT not supporting democrats
424 Faking disabilities

Many do this to get free money... Not work.

425 Not spending time with your parents

When they die... They gone... No mas.. And you feel so bad... That you should have talked more.. And do things... But... Too late now.

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426 The lack of quality porn

Porn better than violence.

427 Holding sex workers in low regard V 2 Comments
428 Uncool people

Many old white people!... Stuck on stuck!... Vote for old mean Republicans! $elfish!

Do you mean the entire Republican Party? Fruits,nuts,and flakes!

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429 Not supporting border angels

I don't see to many lazy wimpy Americans working the fields or farms... For peanuts!

430 Vanity
431 Not unionizing

Voteing for Democrats is WAY better than marching and protesting!... VOTEN! Unionize... Its that simple!... VOTE. Democrats. Women.

At Pride industries in San Diego,Ca we were all treated very wrong! so when we tried to unionize with a local labor union,local 89,our boss at Pride fired everyone! and local 89 never came to our aid after we all signed pledge cards! Pride industries is under Ability One,our story is in the San Diego Reader Magazine,they were doing fraud,and Fed labor compliance found them guilty,so did labor commission.

432 Lack of labor law reform

Termination for Just Cause olny laws in all 50 states! And Puerto Rico!

433 Not making changes for better
434 Not having more women in high office

Like President,I backing Hillary!

435 Poor airports V 1 Comment
436 Poor public transit systems V 2 Comments
437 Very low wages

Support unionizing... Good labor laws... Vote ALL Democrats!... All we want is FAIR. VOTEN.

Help us Bernie Sanders,you got my VOTE,he is super Progressive!

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438 Our money spent on dumb wars

Imagine all those billions the GOP spent in Iraq... Had we used it for education.. Roads.. public transit... Healthcare... Dams.. where were you Mr. Obama!,... Don't vote Republicans ever!

439 Duck dynasty

Watch public television instead. Its brighter!

440 Not getting things in writing to and from your employer and making copies
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