Top Ten Things That Should be Banned


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441 Not legalizing coca leaves

Better than energy drinks.

Legalize all drugs!... ALL!

442 Not spreading the wealth

Whats wrong with that?... We all contribute... Vote Democrats2014!

443 USA being the world's police department V 1 Comment
444 USA not having an F1 race team

You must see this live!... Take earplugs!

V 1 Comment
445 Bad environmental laws V 1 Comment
446 Not erring on the side of compassion
447 Not being yourself
448 Not helping ASPCA
449 Not having HBO
450 Killing plants

Look at all the plants, animals, sea life, that is mow Xtinct! We next?

V 3 Comments
451 Not thanking Obama for healthcare for all

Thank you Mr. Obama for my health! Thank you! Thank you!... Democrats!

Perhaps you will Thank him when your Life is on the Line?... Fox viewers... Then agine?.. You folks have NO self respect... So perhaps not.

452 Not giving at least 2 weeks paid vacation per year V 1 Comment
453 Hiring illegal workers

Republicans love CHEAP LABOR!... NO unions! NO labor laws... They want work mules! Cheap!

454 Big corporate monopoly
455 Not supporting small business
456 Never attending a LGBT pride parade V 3 Comments
457 Illegal immigration
458 Education for profit

Free Collage in the USA! For all!

459 Meds for profit
460 Unhealthy foods
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