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481 Not thinking things through
482 Not having safety nets
483 Dumb presidents

Bush A Moron... Cheney... A Psycho.

484 Watered down generic drugs
485 USA fighting other people's wars
486 White trash

Red states! The south!

487 Male chauvinism

Republicans... Good ole boys club. White boys.

488 Being a government mule

In America... You are a mule... Not a person... You just keep on with FOX news channel and not see the REAL WORLD!... Make $$$$ for the Real Republicans! Not you peaons! Servents. busriders. Clock punchers.. Gov mules!

489 Not having a middle class

I am supporting Bernie Sanders!

490 Not seeing how Europeans live

Way better than us!... with our freedoms?!?... Our Ratrace!... Support the GOP... Keep America dumbed down!... FOX lies to you rubes.O.K.

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491 Oppression of gays
492 Dixie

Get rid of the pro slavery confederate flag! NOW!

493 Outdated political parties
494 Competition
495 American gluttony

The more you own... The more you are owned!

496 Fearing the dead
497 Americanizing the world V 1 Comment
498 Old Testament stupidity
499 American values

Me Me Me... Mine.. Mine...I...I... My money! My money! I want.. I want... My Taxes!... You moocher!... I need more... Me not you! Vote Republican! More for you! Less taxes.. And you can die rich and alone... And never truly live!

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500 Being owned by material
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