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41 Tea Party movement

If not for these extreme right-wing nuts, the Republican Party would be okay. Why does the minority (The Tea Party is only 20-25% of Republicans) have to give the rest a bad name?

These nasty fatties should be more concerned with whole grains, fruits, veggies, exercise, and soon, they will need healthcare.

A real Patriot does not deny its own people healthcare!.. all you are Fat White and Stupid flag waveing selfish morons that don't deserve to be in such a great country! Much less born... In it! You don't deserve it! Your sorry! FOX too!

Drink tea is nice. - AlphaQ

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42 Jobs with no sick days or paid days off

You Americans are all against socialism and then you complain about social-economic non equal issues? Stop voting Democrats and Republicans and start voting for better political idea groups that are making sense for a better society.

Then you get someone else sick which spreads to another person and another person and so on. They get in trouble for not staying home!

What if you have double bacterial pneumonia? You go to work and get everybody else deadly sick and your employers don't even care. - benhos

No paid days off? What if you are sick for a ling time? You lose EVERYTHING.

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43 Gun control

Guns are Tools!... They don't kill!... They even Protect!... Evil people kill people.. Sick people.. Revenge? Justice?.. But guns are Tools. they Safety Tools!... Go NRA!...

Ban mental white men with Guns and Votes!

How about educating TRUMP VOTERS about more issues than just Guns and Beer? Start with Spelling and Hygiene!

HILLARY/Democrats don't want your GUNS

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44 Prisons for profit

People born in the USA should automatically be registered to VOTE at birth!

Even felons pay taxes! They should all be able to VOTE!... residents too!...

The Real Criminals are the Super Rich!

I Pity the Poor under Hitler.. TRUMP.

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45 Isis

I feel the best way to prevent terrorism is simply to respect others and insist that others respect you and your way of life! Don't force your views on others! Nor others on you.

Really? They had to remove Isis from the Pacific Hurricane Naming Lists and it got replaced with Ivette. We should not removed names for political reasons.

Global warming will kill us all! Way before Isis or ebola... Of this you can bet your life on. You will.

idiotic that ISIS is below 'republicans' - KimJongFun

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46 Religion based politics

I am a Catholic, even though I'm not an active church-goer these day, and I don't like the idea of my fellow Christians taking their beliefs to all sorts of unnecessary extremes, especially if used for politics.

Then, there's Saudi Arabia, infamous among all the human rights buffs. Using the Quran as your country's constitution? What a folly!

Religion should only be kept in a private setting and places of worship. Keep religion out of politics and have it stay in the right place; places of worship. - AlexTopTens

Exactly! I'm also Catholic and I agree with everything you said. Not everyone who lives in the United States is a Christian, so we should respect their beliefs. Also, if these people want their children to learn religion in schools, they should just place them in a private school. Or, if they can't afford private schools, they should place their kids in a Sunday school at their church.

Christians are the BIGGEST A-HOLES EVER! You know what you can do with your Jesus and Bible! That's right!

Yes please. Same sex marriage was illegal for all this time because of religion. There is no logical reason why it should be illegal. But the Christians say "Well this magic book said they can't" - ryanrimmel

This Fictional Jesus cat keeps us Stupified here in America,. Not Good.

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47 Ignorance

Socialism is not as bad as Republicans make it out to be, don't believe all that Bull! Many Republicans have no knowledge of the real world, they are ignorant hicks! Ignorant white only hicks!

And you're ignorant yourself. You pretty much group white people with Republicans, when I'm white and I am a moderate because I have a brain. - MKBeast

A part of the reason we in USA have all these problems like prostitution is that in some ways we are so godless and loveless in this country, life here is commersialism! Profit! And in this environment we also have inequality! Where people have to do desperate things just to eat and survive in the most basic ways!

Everyone should at least once, go hungry, be in jail, drink, be homeless, be broke, be a minority, be very ill, be lonely, get paid peanuts, and then you will get it.

See the Current Michael Moore movie-WHERE TO INVADE NEXT-It compares the USA to other more Progressive counties.-In Theaters NOW!

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48 Not giving college access to all

And healthcare.. Daycare... Collage... Early retirement... Unions... Vacations... Sick days... Fair pay... Love... Compassion... Liberals... Gay marriage...

Being uneducated and ignorant is not going to make America Great! Go To College! Support Bernie Sanders!

I Love Bernie Sanders Ideas!

Yeah, that's basically taking away a chance at a remotely decent lifestyle! - EliHbk

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49 Guns

Mine protects me.. My family! Go N R.A. !

50 Worker abuse

Workers need to be treated better than lazy moochers, better pay, healthcare, sick days etc...

Don't expect Good Labor Laws from the Republican Party,not for the workers.

Security jobs are a JOKE!... They screw the workers!... BIG TIME!... See attornies.

Our labor laws have no teeth.

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51 Gambling

STOP! Gambling with your job! Read-They can fire you,for reading this book.-what we need is Labor Law Reform! Support Termination for Just Cause only,work Laws,don't gamble with your home,car,credit.

Don't gamble with your healthcare! Support the right of every American to have easy access to good healthcare! Your good health is everything! Healthcare for everyone! VOTE for Healthcare!

Gambling should be legalized in sports venues in the entire USA, I often bet on boxing in TJ, Mexico.. It's Lotta fun, you can bet as little as 10.00.. You can bet on ponies, soccer, football, baseball.. If you win, you get your money there, great food and drink prices too in Mexico, we need to do this here in the USA... Its fun! Cheap!

Don't Gamble on you! Go VOTE wisely!

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52 Democrats

Democrats make the US run like a broken clock! Obama made this country a dump for immigration, a small village of terror for ISIS, and made this whole damn country a fighting one! He is the worst president in the history of the United States of America, and the democrats voted for him, and now we have a bad man who has lied just about as much as the Clinton family, and destroyed America for the people who live here! I'm not saying that democrats should be banned, but I am saying that republicans are a hell of a lot better! - NoEntranceHere

I personally disagree with a lot of Democratic ideals, but that doesn't mean I want the people supporting them dead. We can all have our own opinions. - RiverClanRocks

Better yet, ban ALL the political parties. Everyone should run under an independent banner. - MKBeast

Some demos just hate the 2nd amendment for some reason. And some hate functional health care. Anyone know why? - EliHbk

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53 Talk of heaven

America would be a bit like Heaven if the Republican Party were extinct!

The closest we have to heaven in america right now is all the blue states

Keep your Religions and Superstitions to Yourself! Leave me the Hell Alone!

Heaven is Keeping Democrats in Power.

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54 Overbearing security restrictions

Legalize Prostitution in America NOW! Save Womens Lives! VOTE for This!

Lets be friends with Cuba! Cuba is FREE!

Security guards come in 2 types... Goofy and GOOFIER.

Close Guantanamo Bay NOW!

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55 Anti immigration laws

Republicans wont do reform.. They want cheap labor!.. Workers with NO protections or knowledge of labor laws! That's why they don't hire Americans! Just young, disabled or new arrivals to the USA!.. No unions! Fair pay! Rights!

Dude... We stole half of Mexico!...

Dude! The only way the rich stay rich is by keeping the poor RELLY poor! That way they can't do much but work! They can't take a day off to see a doctor! Look for a better job! I feel a 4 day work week will bring up productivity! Clean the air.. Crate jobs for more! And less stress on people! More time to just live life! No rush 24/7...

This is a stolen land,you shoved God up on people,I don't belive in him,you shoved your flag on us,I don't want it,live in Reality,you thieves.

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56 Drug cartels

I do belive Trump could make Mexico pay for a 20 foot tall wall made out of chicken wire? I think Trump can get that done?

As long as Americans buy drugs, my country will produce them, its time to re review our drug laws, USA..

Do you remember prohibition? I guess not... We didn't win there either... Legalize drugs now!

Americans gotta have their drugs.

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57 Screamers

I will be Screaming with Joy when and if Donald Trump loses in November!

These come from hell. Even if it's just "for laughs", it still needs to be banned... FOREVER!

A lot of people die from a heart attack because of them

White Trash will be Screaming till 2020...they will Suffer under TRUMP

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58 Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer is an 2000 American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner.

Of course Americans wants to ban " Dora the explorer ". She has a latin heritage and speaks Spanish. America is for republicans and white supremacy only ( sarcasm)! Stupid people who put an educational program on a ban list!

Dora is such a moron she can't see the mountain right in front of her, let alone name a single leader of another country.

Why isn't this number one?

Dora: Do you see the mountain?
Me: Yes, Dora. I do see the mountain.
Dora: Where is the mountain?
Me: It's right behind you.
Dora: Where is it?
Me: Right behind you!
Dora: Where?
Dora: Can you tell me where the mountain is?

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59 Nationalists

I am tired of America helping everyone, except, Americans! Look at all the poverty, homelessness, gettos, drugs, hungry, uninsured HERE! In our home!

Obviousely many on this site don't know the danger of nationalism. Just look at Hitler, Mussolini, North-Korea, the Islamic state etc... They were or are all for nationalism. You want to live in a kind of bubble? If you want to shut off the United states to the rest of the world ( America for Americans only ) you really think that your lives will be better?

The people here from Somalia get all kinds of free help, rent, money, bus passes, healthcare, foodstamps, Dude! Us American born people, we don't get free anything! Doesn't charity start at Home, with your own?

Mexicans didn't cross the Border,the Border crossed them.Do Research.

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60 Poor treatment of farm and field workers

When an employer treats you bad, low pay, don't stay there! QUIT!.. You can easily get unemployment if they treat workers bad! Cheat, things like that! Its hard to find good, quality workers! If they hire illegals, rat them out! I always leave for better pay, treatment, conviniance foe ME!.. Safety, etc.. If you stay, make it a short stay!.. Its your Fault, most often, if you are not in a better place, if, you are of good quality!.. If you have a union, it most often helps you workers!.. If no union there, you are probably in a low quality work environment!.. Leave this place ASAP!.. You do have some power, you can leave,9.00 per hour is silly, unless, you get other things too.. Free gas? Food, paid time off, etc.. Quality costs money!.. That's YOU.

Abandon All Hope illegal farm and field workers if Donald Trump wins!

People that hire illegals will.VOTE for Trump so they won't have to pay workers a nickle more.

Unless Trump is gonna pay legal Americans 30.00 per hour to pick vegtables,then we are all screwed.

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