Top Ten Things That Should be Banned


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681 Being an uncle tom
682 Genocide V 1 Comment
683 Not having free public transit
684 Not bringing change to the world
685 Not encouraging free cremations
686 Not using the inner earth for housing V 1 Comment
687 Not using common sense
688 Not thanking Obama for improving our relations with Cuba
689 Not opening brothels
690 Not trading with Cuba
691 Not trying Cuban food
692 Keeping Cuba in oppression
693 Elizabeth Warren not running for vice president

WoW this lady is progressive! And worth listening to! Go Lizzy!

694 Not keeping the faith in churches alive V 1 Comment
695 Not knowing you can sue the government if you are wronged
696 Not knowing Fox News channel lies

Its entertainment! Not News!

697 Ghettos

They are just so stupid.

698 Puppy and kitty mills
699 Not building more subways in the USA.
700 Krokodil

This drug is evil!

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