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701 Not donating your body to science to help others
702 Not communicating so we can avoid wars
703 Not making the USA a place of freedom, equality, and justice as it is advertised
704 Not teaching Americans how to invest
705 Not expanding social security
706 Not teaching yoga and meditation to all
707 Not turning the USA socialist
708 Not fighting oppression on women the world over
709 Not being a humble person.. pride comes before the fall
710 Closing marijuana dispensaries for the disabled
711 Not supporting the progressive movement in America
712 Two Door Cars
713 Irresponsible reproduction
714 Not using priorities when applying government monies
715 Saying religion and science are the same..they not!
716 Not seeing that with no healthcare and a dirty planet..there is nothing else!
717 Republicans trying to sell themselves as democrats!

Republicans and Democrats are very, very differant!.. One is selfish, the other wants us all to win, at least a little bit.. Democrats.

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718 Funding any more silly wars!
719 Christians running my life choices!
720 Not having single payer healthcare in America for simplicity!

You must travel to good countries that have this.. Its GREAT, don't belive FOX! Find out for yourself! The world is bigger the the U.S.A. !

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