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721 Republicans trying to sell themselves as democrats!

Republicans and Democrats are very, very differant!.. One is selfish, the other wants us all to win, at least a little bit.. Democrats.

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722 Funding any more silly wars!
723 Christians running my life choices!
724 Not having single payer healthcare in America for simplicity!

You must travel to good countries that have this.. Its GREAT, don't belive FOX! Find out for yourself! The world is bigger the the U.S.A. !

725 The USA spreading religion all over the world and not science!
726 Not allowing smooth assimilation in your country.
727 Watching stupid things on TV.. it hurts your brain!
728 Catholics
729 Undoing the Affordable Care Ac V 1 Comment
730 Rude people
731 Feminism

I'm against extreme radical feminists but on the other hand feminism has through history helped society for and with many good ideas. Just look at muslim countries where women has just to shut up, putting clothes on ( imposed by men ) to cover their bodies and faces, forced marriages etc... A sane society is where men and women have equal rights ( with the only reason that both genders are humans in the first place ).

You people literally just want Hillary cause she's a woman. That's totally sexist. She's a liar and a cheater, had left people to die. I would personally vote for :gasp: Donald Trump more if I could.

I've never wanted HILLARY more in the White House than I do now! Save Us HILLARY!

"All Women should have a Latin boyfriend."
-Racist detected!

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732 Not fining those who hire illegal workers extremely high fines!
733 Not researching UFOs

If they are, all religions may be done.

734 Not researching Ghosts
735 Crediting God

How do you know he was involved? Is GOD a football fan?.. Hope it's my team, not yours, how stupid, huh?

736 Thinking gay is a choice

Is straight a choice? NO.

737 Not being left alone
738 Lil Wayne

Most of his fans are violent.

739 Rattlesnake Roundups
740 Songs about drugs, partying, sex, smoking, and drunk driving

Surprised this isn't higher.

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