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741 Not visiting the Democratic Socialist USA website
742 Not paying off our national debt
743 Anti-Republicans

I have never known a republican that I like?

I have never Voted Republican!

Republicans are going extinct like the DoDo bird! Good Riddance! Adios!

There shouldn't be Democrats either. Hell, there shouldn't be any political parties at all. George Washington warned us, and we didn't listen. Now we have two sides of idiots talking over each other like kindergarten kiddies instead of solving our problems. - MKBeast

I will be Damm Sure to miss the entire Republican Convention,I even made a note to remind me!

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744 Not doing serious prison reform in the U.S.

The candidate that first mentions Labor Law Reform in America,will get many people's attention,we need good protections for the employees! With teeth!

YES! This has been Lagging in America for sooo long! People in prison,not jail!,Prison! For puffing on a Damm plant,could it be the Profit,in all this?

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745 Plastic Surgery V 1 Comment
746 Not locking your doors
747 Drones
748 Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons continue to exist on the assumption that if we don't keep ours then they will use theirs. But here's the rub: Anything that is not impossible is mandatory (I forget which famous physicist said that). If a possibility exists then it will eventually happen. So long as nuclear weapons exist sooner or later someone WILL use them. Maybe it'll be a lunatic regime like North Korea or maybe it'll be terrorists who managed to get their hands on some weapons grade uranium. Regardless it will happen unless we not only dismantle all nuclear weapons in the world but also take measures to dilute weapons grade nuclear material so that it can only be used for power generation.

Hillary Clinton is just as capable of starting a nuclear war as Donald Trump.

749 Pop up ads
750 Getting married before you are 30 years old
751 Marrying a woman with kids
752 Having babies before you are 30
753 Needing to Purchase Health insurance in America.

Yes! The key word is Purchase,this means money involved,this leads to inequality and corruption,profit! Scams.

754 Not keeping a truly open mind

People might eventually know you secrets

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755 Advertisments

Because they are useless and practically dumb

756 Acetones
757 Acetic Acid
758 Ammonia
759 Arsenic
760 Benzene
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