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81 Toxic waste
82 Anti LGBT laws

The LGBT in no way should support the Republican party in Indiana at all! And no one should either! NO.

The Only Reason The LGBT community now has Marriage Equality is Obama and the Democrats!.PERIOD.

We all know LGBT equality will be passed on the Supreme Court soon, and LGBT equality will be the law of the land, Universal Healthcare will be next, APPROVED.

I think LGBT deserve the same rights to marriage and rights as a married people then straight people. - Lucretia

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83 Islam

Often termed as religion of peace by idiots is making the whole world to live in pieces. It must be banned from the world. It is the origin of terrorism which is destroying the global harmony.

The best simply Really.

84 High taxes

Or at least decrease property taxes by 20-25% and increase the sales tax to 7.5%

85 Sex changes

If they want to pay that much money to be the oipposite sex just let them/ - Lucretia

86 Tracy Beaker

Single payer healthcare is comeing to the USA, it's the Best way!

Go to Healthcare. Gov to sign up for healthcare in USA... Its affordable... Thanks Mr. Obama!

87 Waste military spending

We more concerned with War.. Than with Love and Peace! There's NO profit$ in that! You young Voters can Change the you S A. be Liberals!

No Republicans means NO Stupid Wars! Nation Build America here! At home!.. Not in Iraq!.. HERE. HOME.

NO more money spent on STUPID endless pointless WARS! WE need that $$$ in in the U.S.A... Here!

We need Healthcare not more Stupid Military Spending,we have Nukes Now.

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88 Homelessness

Homeless people do NOT need toys.. Bicycles.. Turkeys! What they need is healthcare.. A place to lock your door! Privacy! A shower, a toilet, a job.. These things are real! Not just Fillers!...O.K.

They also need food. Turkeys are a form of food. There's also homeless shelters and programs that help the homeless get on their feet so that can have a home, a job, and other necessities. Is that healthcare related? No. - RiverClanRocks

People should build large buildings meant specifically for homeless people. There will be a cafeteria, small apartments and it will either be free or EXTREMELY cheap.

Healthcare here in USA needs to be a human right! Like in the UK! And Europe!.. And tax paid!.. Nationalized! All have equal access to it! The USA only major nation not have this!? Why?!

My solution to this,if you work hard,good pay,free healthcare,affordable housing,if you are a Lazy Bum,then Very,Very,little help for you. I bet the streets will be cleaner,real soon!

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89 Capitalism

See movie.. Capitalism A Love story.

Capitalism is Dog eat Dog, socialism is dog help dog, its Team U.S.A. see movie Capitalism:A Love story.

Capitalism is doing us all great harm! To our health.. To our planet!... It will kill EARTH. Soon.

TRUMP knows he will lose,but,this will create TRUMP T.V. channel,a Way Far Right! T.V. channel for Rednecks,NRA, White Supremests,Teabaggers,etc,and the FOX news channel is history.Hail TRUMP,I won't be watching.

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90 Not voting for Democrats

Whoever keeps putting these damn options on this list needs to stop! Most democrats are all idiots when it comes to politics, they have the worst candidates ever, and they can't stop begging for recounts after they already announced the president! We Republicans have the right to our own opinions. If this were true, we'd never have a democracy, and our country would fall apart without it. Kinda like North Korea. Democrats can't accept that there republicans out there, and they can't stop putting options like these on here because they can't accept that they can't get their own way every damn time! Whoever keeps putting up these, stop it! Go home and accept that you're not getting your way this time! - NoEntranceHere

Then it wouldn't be a democracy. You can't force someone to vote a certain party

I prefer democrats, but some republicans where good. I wouldn't personally vote for one, but some were decent and not all democrats are good - Lucretia

"I VOTE for Democrats because they don't judge or criticize people."
-Well guess what you and nearly this entire list is doing? Judging people who don't vote straight-ticket Democrat. Pot, meet kettle.

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91 Not being a liberal

You idiots, liberals are destroying our country. If you make it required to be a liberal, then freedom of speech is banned too. Liberals need to leave america if they can't handle conservatives being here.

You guys are awful human beings if you tell someone to conform to a specific ideology. In this case, it's liberalism.

I prefer being a liberal... but if someone wants to vote conservative just let them - Lucretia

Being a liberal means you are Cool.

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92 Inappropriate Kids' Cartoons

The Fox news channel is an inappropriate kids cartoon, I seen Big kids watching it, mostly fat and white, not too bright big kids.

Wait. Fox News isn't a kids cartoon. It's a live action news channel

Like Dora the Explorer

Donald Trump and his uneducated crackers are a Cartoon,so is Ted Cruz,I think Ted is worse,at least Trump is Rich!

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93 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election.

53% of Clinton's campaign funds come from Wall Street whereas for Trump it's less than 1%. Who's in Wall Street's pocket now?

She was a better candidate then Trump. Then again all the candidates were clowns - Lucretia

Put her in jail, please Trump! She deserves it! - NoEntranceHere

If we don't STOP the Silly High Amounts of low Quality immigration we will End Up like France,too many Lazy people and Muslums that don't want to be part of our society,and that turn hostile,learn from observation!

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94 Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.

Smart and Cute Open Minded

Do it before she starts twerking again.

95 Pretentious Europeans

Odd how no one complains about this.

This needs to be in the top 100.

96 The Kardashians

Unpopular opinion. The Kardashian sisters are probably better people than the posters contributing to this list. There, I said it. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are all better people than you (and that says a lot).

Famous for being famous? More like being famous because of their dad and a sex tape.

If only Americans would concern rhwmselves with things that matter? Politics,the enviorment,science.

97 Teen Titans Go!

How do Donald Trump's tax returns have to do with anything?

Insult to T.V. shows everywhere.

About you tax Returns,Donald Trump? what are you hiding?

98 Visitors on TheTopTens

Banning visitors on the Top Tens? Are you some kind of elite social-media group? A outside opinion can sometimes be very helpful to give a new light on some topics. It's also called freedom of speech! Besides, all comments of visitors are verified after been posted and therefor accepted or not. So, what's the problem? I'm a visitor and there are many lists of Top Tenners that I like, but the one who have put this here is almost having fascists ideas.

Is Kelly Ann Conway Trump's Butt Girl?

They're too lazy to make an account - 1337

Only the ones who start flame wars or do not contribute anything to the site except for pointless comments like this
"Elsa it boost. Yu rr uh weetart if q dun lick er" - SteelCity99

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99 Asbestos

If asbestos causes cancer then so does reading this list. The amount of delusion here is unreal. Seriously, people need to stop making comments about politics under topics that have nothing to do with politics. And remember, it was the Democrats who were the party of the Confederacy and Jim Crow, not Republicans.

The democrats were the republicans and the republicans were the democrats though. - Lucretia

100 World War III

I guess the May 13 prophecy wasn't true after all.

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