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101 Dental x-rays

For th led person saying that all white people from Mississippi (and the southern states) are toothless, that's certainly not true unless you don't have a dentist. Then again, this applies to people all around the country. Next time you want to bash the South, think for a minute, go outside, and get some perspective. Really, you are no better than the people you are stereotyping and generalizing.

Dental X rays are the least of your problems you toothless Mississippi hicks, for that you would need teeth, that's right, vote Republican, the boss loves idiots.

Looks harmless but give later problems as headaches and brain cancer

Okay... I don't want these anymore - Lucretia

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102 Anti-socialism

The thing with Democrats is they always WIN, eventually, be it Universal Healthcare, LGBT equality, global warming, better labor laws, because we are on the correct side of issue's, and history has proven that time after time, even if Democrats lose, the larger public is on our side!

"A majority of the public is on the Democratic side." It depends on the state or county. You can't automatically assume every state and county is Democratic. - RiverClanRocks

For all of you socialist-loving liberals, check out Venezuela and see what socialism has done for them?

Go to Healthcare. Gov if you need affordable healthcare.. Unless your state has an exchange.. You will like the rates.. Get some of it back on your income tax!... Be healthy america!.. BE WELL.. With our new access to healthcare!

I like socialism more then capitalism, but would not say I am a socialist. But its okay to have different views - Lucretia

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103 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

I dunno what's wrong with Google. 70% of my knowledge comes from Google

Google Racist Tea Party marchers on YouTube,its pretty sad,you will agree.

Even toothless Republicans can be edumacated by a useing the Google,but,they need to a learn a reading to begin with.

Visit Universal Healthcare You will read its no big deal its all over! The world... Except here where its really needed in U.S.A.

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104 Wealth tax

The lack of money is the root of all evil.. This is from the Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey.

And since that is from the Satanic Bible, we can automatically disregard that saying as false. Satan is very evil. - RiverClanRocks

If poor people have to pay 99 percent tax, so should rich people - Lucretia

To keep black money in circulation

The ZIKA virus in here in the U.S. now,and Donald Trump wants to repeal Obamacare? that's Stupid!

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105 Crony capitalism

Get Rid of Citizens United! The Billionaires are drowning out the voice of the peoples voice in every election! No money in Politics!

America Helps everyone, EXCEPT AmericanS!.. Nation Build Here!

In Socialism... Less Competition.. More like we all win at least a bit!.. Bigger middle class!

If you get your news from the FOX news channel?..stay Stoopid,try Public Television,FOX is a JOKE!

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106 Anti 420 people

Marijuana is proven to cause brain damage under 25, I'm fine with it. Just know that after you pass 25, you can smoke it without damage. - KimJongFun

4/20 should be a public holiday everywhere. We should all celebrate Hitler's birthday.

I support it. But its not as bad for you as cigarettes, beer, or asbestos. - Lucretia

California is legalizeing marijuana,if We Voters Vote for this on November 8,2016...So Go VOTE!

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107 Lack of compassion

Ask yourself, what can I do to make my country a better place, and the world too, what can I give, do this now, not at your end of life, now, do this, it will fulfill you, more than just money ever could, I register people to vote, my friend takes them to vote, this makes me happy, totaly

Legalize Euthanasia in all 50 states! let sick people DIE WITH DIGNITY! you need to run your life! not others lives!

This means you Republicans! A-holes.

Don't expect Compassion from a Republican. Period.

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108 Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh

Its people working for peanuts! That keeps your ass so fat! Illegals?... Your whale butt should work the fields sometime I doubt your porky butt gonna last long.. Good thing for you that you entertain MORONS! You are SORRY dude.

I hate red white and blue patriotism, Jesus, bible, shoved up my nose! So, if I'm not a believer, straight, white, yankee, then I don't love america? When my people were here before yours? Does the Republican party own the patent to god? Stop shoveing your righteousness up my nose! I love america too, I'm just not so arrogant about it, others matter too, there is a world out there!

This ignorant man cow solves the worlds most complex problems in one hour of Stupid Swill out his pie hole.

How Stupid do you have to be to listen to this? There's the net, educate yourself a bit.

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109 Extremism

If you've read this far down the list, I applaud you. Most of the comments you've seen on this list are from Democratic extremists. Even on items not related to politics. - RiverClanRocks

I get you don't like Republicans but you still have no right to harass others into being liberal/Democrat because those are your views.

I still love Wendy Davis in Texas! I still and will always be a Democrat!.. True Blue!...

Especially christian conservative extremists - Lucretia

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110 Curfews

Enjoy life 24/7!... Food... Drink... dance.. no rules!... Live MAN!... Live!

Poor white people in poor places! Like West Virginia have NO business voteing republican! This party is for rich corporate people! Not hillbillys, dirt poor miners!

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111 Opposition to single payer health care

Canada.. Has it... Mexico has it.. I know.. I Mexican... All Europe has it.. we figured... Its way less complicated.. Healthy people equal.. Stronger nation... Happier citizens!... People have better attitude... We got our $$ back.. PLUS!... They vote more now too!

Recently India and Mexico got Free healthcare... Look it up on net... My wife is Mexican... She uses it... In Tijuana, Mexico... Its single payer.

This covers Vets.. Disabled... Elderly.. Simple.. Streamlined.. Easy to run... Think BIG U.S.A... Do this Now!

Visit Healthcare Healthcare is a reality we all need, I want single-payer in USA.

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112 Anti planned parenthood people

Abortions are only 3 percent of what they do!.. They help many women!... In many ways!.. Vote Democrats!... Ladies!... Texas!

Get ready to feed the unwanted children here.

Why don't you right wingers adopt all those immigrant kids? You don't belive in birth control? How bout it? Rick Sanatoriam?... You loon.

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113 Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the same game every year - ikerevievs

I will be sure to miss the Republican Convention,I made a note of it.

Yup. Ban it,

For some reason,duty calls me when Trump is talking,he makes me want to run to the ceramic throne?

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114 Christians

Were not bad people it's the Jehovah's witnesses you have to worry bout

Keep your religions to yourself!... Leave me the Hell alone!... It's a personal thing!...

They get in the way of Science, progress, greatness, lets go FORWARD! Liberals!

Don't like some of them, but don't ban them. Some are decent peopel - Lucretia

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115 Haters

The good ole days were not so good to us latinos. Blacks. Lgbt... These are the good days.. And the hippies in the 60s had it right! Cool people! 420! All democrats!

Hitler had some things right,like killing the retarded,those born disabled.

Do you mean Christians?... GOPers... Teabaggers. right wingers.

"Hitler had some things right, like killing the retarded, those born disabled."
-What is wrong with you?! Not only are you praising Hitler but you're all disabled people both mentally and phsyically. So much for liberal tolerance since I'm guessing you're referring to Republicans but this is a new low for this list.

116 Southern politics

If you want the South to get better, a mass exodus of Democrats from the region is not the answer. If anything, the reverse needs to happen. News flash, the KKK was founded by Democrats.

So the ignorance this post possesses is okay?

I would not live in the ignorant south! Move.

Ignorance and superstition!... Sad.

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117 Burning coal

Fossil fuels is just $$$$ for old school rich!

Say hell NO to Keystone pipeline!

The coal miners in West Virginia can move on to clean energy jobs if they Vote for Democrats,coal is so old school now! on the way out!

118 Not attending pagan pride

I can do what the hell I want. Besides, isn't that what Satanism preaches? Individuality? You guys are breaking this rule yourselves. - MKBeast

The SATANIC BIBLE is the Best book I've ever read.

Opens your mind! Way cool!

Often in life,the Crazy ones are the ones that are relly not the crazy ones.

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119 Rap music

I love Rap!... I not cool enough to be black.

Keep the Republican vs. Democrat jargon out of this, okay? And please no race baiting.

Really? You wanna ban a music genre? GTFO!

Its just a music genre thoug - Lucretia

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120 Gender inequality

I want Death with DIGNITY passed in all 50 states!..Die in Peace.

Unattractive women vote republican.

Why would a women vote Republican?

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