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161 Money in politics

Citizens United drowns out the VOTERS!

53% of Hillary's campaign funding comes from Wall Street

I agree with Bernie Sanders.

Anton Lavey has Great Ideas! Read him! his books are Deep and solid!

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162 Commercials on public television

But we need EM. I need a break in between shows. When I have to use the bathroom OR MAKE POPCORN

Visit Cure Cataract

May ALL! In the U.S.A. have access to good and equal HEALTHCARE! This will define what America truly is!

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163 The Bible

Well, america such a Christian nation!?.. Its easier to get guns and ammo here than access to healthcare!?.. You, from Europe have found that out, I'm sure.. Can you imagine if we weren't Christians!? Please don't support the Republican party! Its your ass too.. Vote Demos!

It can stay as just another fairy tail book, or a middle-east mythology from some nomad tribe, or whatever. Normal people have science. Logical and repeatable... Wake up, believers, it's the 21st century (AD that is)

This book is caca! Its fiction! You ignorant klutz! The more uneducated you are the more superstitious you are! All the religious countries are poor. at war... Violent! Brazil, South America, Mexico, much of the Middle East!... All religious places! Unlike the secular countries!

I have read the Bible, and the Satanic Bible, and both have good points, if faith is blind, then one gives me Hope, if life is only REALITY, the other gives me direction, and Hope, since in essence, it encourages haveing a God

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164 Judging and criticizing people

Who are you to judge!... Mind your own life!...

Dear people on TheTopTens,
If you're gonna post this, please take your own advice and stop judging criticizing Republicans just because they have different beliefs than you. Tolerance goes both ways, you know.
Anonymous User

Don't get in to peoples private personal lives! Its none of your damm business! Mind your life only!.. Respect others personal lives, lifestyles!

This is something Christians do very well,always IN YOUR BUSINESS!

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165 Bigots

Americans need to know SOCIALISM is not a bad word! It simply means All are included!... Equally!... Whats wrong with that?... Haters?

Both religious and political bigots and zealots are dangerous to masses

See movie Sicko.. Free.. At Sicko You will love it... Its all true.. I was in Europe.. WOW!.. So COOL!.. They live relly great lives!. Socialists!

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166 Pessimism

STOP! Already! Bernie Sanders will Be Our Next President! Lets Get To Work! AND VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Unless... God is stupid... And creates Junk.

Visit Universal Healthcare

The party of Bernie Sanders is not going away! this is the future!

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167 Negative talk

Visit Cure Cataract Lets cure Blindness! Lets NOT waste time, money, blood on STUPID WARS! DON'T support the GOP! We end up in more wars! Healthcare not Warfare, Vote ALL DEMOCRATS 2016!

Unless you have read ALL his works... shut your mouth. ok. he is Special in a profound way.

See movie Capitalism A love story! A documentory... Makes you think! Change.

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168 Anti voting laws

Republicans will be Cheating their Asses off in 2016,how else can they win?

Every man should be heard!... Every!

How else can Republicans win?

The Dinosaur Republican Party is going Extinct,they have to Cheat.

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169 Anti occupy people

Some of the MOST decent... Smartest... Most Forward folks I ever met... If they the Future... The Future is good and decent!... They stay with you. OCCUPY universe!

They introduced the movie Sicko to the USA!

Occupy tought us to close bank accounts and open credit union accounts instead... it's better all around!

170 Anti Obamacare people

Open your eyes, do you notice all the blind people in America?.. They everywhere, Lets cure blindness, forget your classey wines, cars, homes, don't you see the suffering? Lets Push for primary healthcare for all in the USA, observe the life going on around you, the need for Healthcare not Wars, gluttony, lust, lazyness, observe, and Vote for Healthcare for All.

Replace Obamacare!... With Universal healthcare!

It was O.K. when it was Romney care?!... Universal is simpler... Cheaper... Better.

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171 Anti termination for just cause only employment laws

Implement just cause only now! Like Montana!

Read the book.. THEY CAN FIRE YOU FOR READING THIS BOOK, its gonna open your mind of how little power workers relly have in the USA.

More companies need to offer AFLAC insurance in case you get sick or hurt... Its helps pay bills!

172 Vulgar displays of wealth

Workers with no sick days off... No vacation pay... And we retire when we very old!... No unions... And yet... You give the rich more power! By supporting the GOP!?... I don't get this? At all!

Socialism is growing in America,we are on our way to better! VOTE!

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173 Dynasty

Unionize your job now for better treatment!... Vote Democrats!... Voten!

Texas is slowly turning into a BLUE DEMOCRATS STATE!.. That's why the Republicans are doing ALL they can to keep people from VOTEING, so go and VOTE, women, LGBT, minoraties, Voten!

If you think Republicans will do any Immigration Reform, you must be smokeing crack!.. Voten Pendejos, I NO Republicanos, don't be a PENDEJO!

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174 Elaborate security for VIPs

Are'nt you glad Mitt Romney Lost? I am. Is he Batman?... a car elevator?... And screw the rest of us!... Us poor busriders... Renters.

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175 Imprisonment for more than 1 year

What about murderers, pedophiles, and rapists? They deserve more than a year in prison.

To give a chance for guilty to lead good life

Yes, we will relocate the guilty to YOUR neighborhood.
Hey, I thought you were pro-death penalty?
Which is it?

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176 Anything free

Even under social democracy, healthcare and education are not free, it's just paid for by high taxes.

Nothing wrong with Socialism! Equality!

Except Healthcare!... A human right! Free!

Nothing is free. Get it?

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177 Hero worship

My heros are Voters and Protestors and Political Activists,and military people,and good politicians! CHANGE!

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178 Ableism

You may join us very soon? I hope not... You will need healthcare too!... Vote for it... NOW!

Include disabled in everyday life!

When I'm constipated,I put on the FOX news channel,Paul Ryan and the republicans send me to the pot,PRONTO!

179 Anti Democrats

Anti Democrats! -Democrats are Compassion.. Equality.. Justice.. Love.. Peace.. Tolerance!

To me, Democrats are cheerful, positive, can do, will do, I have been with them since I was a child, I always saw LOVE in them, acceptance, sacrifice, charity, of all peoples, and they loved to be loved! Its O.K. too need others too, I never saw this grace, in Republicans, only selfishness, greed.

Republican party is going Extinct! So Cool!

If its Cool its probably Black or Latino.

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180 Pretentious people

We all bring ONLY ourselves to the table in the end... That's all.

Republicans pretend to care about you, they DON'T, they all about the SUPER RICH, not about you, comprende?

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