Top Ten Things That Should Be Done In Clash Royale

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1 Make Sparky Worse

It doesn't take much to kill sparky, a noob can throw a couple of goblins and it's dead.
Zap is now one of the most popular cards in the game and if we say you put the sparky behind the princess tower to kill elite barbs, they will just zap sparky and elite barbs will deal lots of damage on your princess tower before sparky recharges - MillionCR

Sparky already SUCKS. When I unlocked sparky, I drooped from frozen peak to builders workshop and I didn't win a single battle with sparky. I then started using my hog rider deck again and I got to legendary arena. Sparky can be distracted easily with skeletons and will waste a full attack. Zap will reset sparky's attack and allow a heavy hitter like mini pekka to destroy sparky in seconds. A giant in front of sparky is meaning less as for a cannon can lure the giant into range of both crown towers and stop it from getting to your tower. Also most people rush the opposite lane right as I deploy my sparky and take out my crown tower. then they counter my sparky easily with goblins and zap

If sparky coundnt charge up while moving she will be WAY TOO BAD. they should allow her to charge up in 4 seconds instead of 5 but decrease her damage per attack but keep the damage per second. She should cost 5 elixir instead

1 elixir skeletons or goblins will make sparky waste an attack. zap will take away her charge and thing like minions can take her out so easily, sparky can't attack air. that's not much value for 6 elixir

2 Make Royal Giant Worse

yep - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

This has been done :).

3 Add a Conformation to Play a Battle

Can't say how many times I have gone into a battle by accident. This must be added. - GuitarMann

This is the most annoying thing in the universe.

4 Make Witch Better

This has been done by supercell

Witch is already Way too good if you know how to use it. a witch can take out a prince without taking any damage, then you can use the witch for your own attack by putting a giant in front of it. A level 1 witch summons level 6 skeletons, a level 2 witch summons level 7 skeletons. you can strategically counter an attack with a witch and baby dragon, then your baby dragon and witch would still be alive so you can place a giant in front of those 2 troops and start your own attack.

but they probably should make the witch better very little people use it

5 Make Lava Hound Better

Lava hound is bad, you're just a noob for losing to it.

The lava hound is WAAAYY TO STRONG. I literally wasted 200 gems on grand challenges and I didn't win a single battle in those grand challenges because all my opponents were using lava hound. The lava hound is is WWAAAYYY to strong. Those decks with all those air cards are unbeatable. Especially with the mega minion and the inferno dragon, there is no way to beat lava hound decks now

Nope they should nerf it so hard lava pups are op - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

It's a legendary and it only does like 50 damage

6 Improve Matchmaking

If it means not to be against someone way higher than you than that's the case - BigFatNoob

You win it from battle and all the effort you put in to the battle and it's the same as a FREE CHEST

Yes, as an F2P player I need to agree. I get opponents 2 levels higher than me and they have level 10 commons, level 9 rares and level 4 or even 5 epics and 3 legys in their decks - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz


7 Make Fireball Worse

You mean better

8 Improve Silver Chests

Seriously going into a bloody battle that you nearly lose,for A CHEST YOU COULD GOT JUST BY WAITING? PERHAPS EVEN WORSE THAN THE FREE CHEST? The odds for a legendary in a free chest is 4000,while silver chest is 10,000. Silver chests needs to be improved. - MChkflaguard_Yt


You win a battle with lots of effort and u get somthing the same as a FREE CHEST

Lol supercell y u do dis do clash

9 Delete Sparky

Yes, I will soon get a legendary chest (I found that out on stats royale) for the first time (I'm not a low arena I'm arena 9) so if they delete the Trash Can with wheels I wouldn't be able to get that crap it's a good idea - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

Yes, best update ever. Sparky is like the worst card ever and I hate it when I get a sparky out of my legendary chest. If this becomes true, I wont have to worry about getting usch a terrible card out of my chests anymore - GamingWithCharlie

A building like sparky would be WAY TOO OP on defense


10 Delete Mortar

I don't care clash royale sucks

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11 Make a Healing Spell to Heal Troops Towers and Buildings

It will get added soon but it will be op - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

That would be really cool.

That would be a cool idea

That's cool. But it might break the game. healing spell is a cool idea, I agree but it might be WAY TO GOOD ON DEFENSE AND OFFENSE. reduced healing to crown towrs

Yeah it might break the game because of limited lifetime for buildings - MChkflaguard_Yt

12 Make Skeletons Better

Skeletons can be used to get a HUGE positive elixir trade if used correctly and is definitely one of the best cards but they are sooo underrated. I'll be happy if they made them spawn 4 skeletons instead of 3

They did it - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz v=AycNCL6Ibnc
This video taught me how to use skeletons properly, THEY'RE SO GOOD, but now they only spawn 3 instead of 4 :(

13 Nerf Giant


Nuh uh it’s WEAK it doesint attack troops only towers!

14 Make King Tower Do More Damage

This will help make it harder to get two crowns and harder for three crowns, this should be done, I agree

The cannon dealing more damage than the bow that's more logical. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I vote for this also

15 Make Hot Rider the Speed of a Mini Pekka

Nah, that will kill the HOGG RIDERR! - ZeathChUnGuS

The hog is WAY to fast so this allows more time for people to react

Nah it would ruin the hog - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

16 Add Shield Spell

This would be WAY too OP, but what if the shield speel is weak and it is only ofr blockng arrows and zap?

17 Decrease Chest Unlock Time

3 hours/8 hours/12 hours/1 day is too long!
15 mins/1 hour/3 hours/6 hours is much better! - MChkflaguard_Yt

18 Make Lava Hound Do More Damage
19 Create a Handicap for Those Who Place Their Cards Down First

There is a flaw in this game

20 Make Cards Only Get 7% Better When They Level Up
21 Decrease Sparky's Load Time to 3 Secs but Half the Damage

This will make sparky better

22 Make sparky do infinite damage

This is a joke? - MillionCR

23 Make Night Witch Better
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