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21 Rock's lack of popularity

I personaly think this is a real problem. In my country they only play pop music on radio and I don't like none of those songs. MTV Rock doesn't even play any rock songs. The people I know don't like rock and I wish I could move to any other country where most of people like rock. In USA lots of people like it. Thank god there is YouTube so I can listen to them. - tiagocowboy11

Rock music is the best - Rorywilbren

22 Homophobia
23 Bubsy Bubsy
24 Bad Parents
25 My Little Pony

Season 5 has already started and the creation of Season 6 has been confirmed. So this is a pointless item on this list.

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26 YouTube advertisements

Yea! Because if we get rid of advertisements, we will pay to watch YouTube! -_-

27 Animal Cruelty
28 Songs about Partying, Sex, Drugs, and Butts

Why don't artists make songs that people wanna remember? I mean, sure, most of them are catchy, but I remember it because I have no choice. It's stuck in my head whether I like it or not. So why not make a song that people don't mind remembering- one with a deeper meaning that actually means and teaches something? I'm just saying.

Bringing up kids wrong. Metal on the other hand deals with meaningful topics. - EvilAngel

But young kids wouldn't like to hear about suicide... That's why we have pop music! To keep positive vibes up! So some pop music is actually infecting the kids in a good way, not rap. Definitely not rap. - JaysTop10List

We don't want the future to look like this, if it does, I'm gonna grab a gun and kill myself

This is the reason why I don't listen to music made after 2012. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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29 Sadness

Oh, how we all wish for this to end. - PositronWildhawk

Everyone who has lived has come across sadness - Animefan12

Too bad. We can't get rid of this. As much as we want to, every second there is 2 deaths, and every death causes sadnes with almost 1000 people (or more) and not to mention anything sad not to do with death. - AnonymousChick

30 Artists Becoming Famous Based on Image, Not Talent
31 Plastic Butt Implants

I prefer boobs over butts. you know what comes out boobs right? Milk. what comes out of butts? Imagine someone twerking in your face and they start explosive diarrhea all over your face. I think women need to be more about boobs than butts if they want to make a sexy video. Videos like I'm a Slave 4 you by Britney Spears and Dirrty by Christina Aguilera are way hotter than videos like Booty by Jennifer Lopez and Anaconda by Nicki Minaj.

No breasts and butt aren't important at all. Do you what is? Talent. And the ability to make better music without relying on big breasts and butts.

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Why does this even exist? Can't you just say You Only Live Once instead?

Don't you just hate seeing people blend mice and drink it because YOLO. By that logic, murder is OK because YOLO!

Drake should be gone to.

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34 Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

Her overly large popularity needs to stop

She doesn't act well. - Animefan12

35 Songs About Drugs, Partying, and Sex Being Accepted by Society
36 Ads
37 Satanism
38 Kids Not Having a Childhood

I'm 10. This has happened and will continue to happen to me.

Welcome to my life - AnonymousChick

I'm the only kid in the 11th grade with a curfew before 10pm. Mines at like 6.

39 Terrorism

Terrorism is a big problem for Turkey... - 05yusuf09

40 People Using "Gay" as a Bad Word
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