Top Ten Things that Should Be Illegal

The Top Ten Things that Should Be Illegal

1 Using Tobacco

With all that is now known of the dangers of a science not hearsay!... Only stupid inbreds and Trump Voters... Same thing... would smoke? It's way past Stupid to still smoke!... Build a Wall to keep eastern Kentucky... Away from the rest of us!

What would Trump voters replace tabacci with?...a book?...a goat?... shooting a Stop sign?...Meth?

Pathetic Bleeding Heart Democrats Suck just as much as Smokers... They are so generous with other peoples money... I saw the light... I am a Proud Republican. Now. Go Donald Trump. Put Americans First. Build that Wall. Get us healthcare. Deport illegals. Trump 2020!...USA First.

Illegal to sell and to buy it or illegal to use the by nature Tobacco plants? If something like Tobacco would be illegal it would open a door for criminals ( just look at the alcohol prohibition of the 1920's ). Nobody is forcing you to use Tobacco. If you don't want to use it then don't use it. Freedom means that every human being is free to use his body and mind and not to be dictated by anyone who tell him what you should do or not do.

2 Ignoring Stop Signs on Private Property

I didn't VOTE 4 TRUMP...But I Plan to Do So, I Want a Real Country with Real BORDERS!...Build That Wall.

All we really need to STOP illegal immigration is Enforce E verify... Severe Penalties for hireing illegals. Problem Solved. Fix America First. Close the Borders. Join the NRA. VOTE... Trump has Good ideas. I will still VOTE Democratic 2020.VOTE...!

Any SOB that throws rocks at our Border Patrol and Bum Rushes out Borders is Crap... And they don't have any business here.Close the Borders and don't bring in Junk Bad Mean Lazy People.Thank You Donald Trump. Be Selective. We Have Enough JUNK Already.

I didn't Vote for Trump but if you illegaly Cross Our Borders
And harm any American Democrat or Not I hope you get Shot. US Democrats are Americans too.And We Protect Republicans too. We Protect All Americans. They Matter to us. Comprende?

3 Listening to Justin Bieber

Alright kids stop voting for something just because you hate it - 0w0uwu

Putting Justin Bieber on every top ten list should be illegal.

Justin Bieber this, Justin bieber that. Justin Bieber I don't care! I don't like JB, but people should listen to whatever they want. - Luckys

I thought this list was going to be a serious list. But after seeing this item as 2nd. Nope - B1ueNew

4 Taking Upskirt Photos

Maybe doing this gets you elected President and in the Supream Court... Works for Republicans?

Defy you to find a jurisdiction where such invasive behavior is NOT illegal.

"Massachusetts only just made 'upskirt' photos illegal last year, and in many states the practice still isn't criminalized. Texas has upheld the right of men to surreptitiously take photos of women's private areas, even if the photos are meant for purposes of sexual gratification. A court decision in Washington, DC ruled the same thing in 2014, as did a judge in Oregon this year after a 61-year-old man was caught taking photos up the skirt of a 13-year-old girl." - Jessica Valenti, Guardian News (November, 2015)

5 Swearing at Cops

Next Time your in trouble call your liberal DEMOCRAT hippy no guns friends to Help You,... since you love them so much.RIP.

To hell with the First Amendment, eh? Take a civics class, some time.

Cops are human not perfect,but I like them much more than thugs and criminals,the NRA may not be your favorite people,but most of us are decent people who have a gun help protect us,we are not criminals, Our Guns Are Legal.

6 Being a Nazi

Gee? DEMOCRATS... What's Wrong with REAL BORDERS and enforced E verify... With Law and Order?...with Putting Americans First?...DO You See Why We Don't Want TRUMP!...but Why We Have to Support TRUMP,...You Can Fix This,Go To The Center a Bit!...

The Dreamers in Good Standing Should Be Allowed TO STAY and Become Legal Americans,But,We Do Need to Close this Loophole.NOW.

Let's vote republican! - Maddox121

Trump is a Racist Nazi Wannabe.

7 Practicing Islam

I don't like Islam myself, but this should be legal as long as you aren't hurting anyone. - RoseWeasley

Even if TRUMP is impeached I Will Stick with him,He is the Only Hope for REAL BORDERS and enforced E verify,No FREE Healthcare for illegals,I agree with his Policies.VOTE

Trump and the Republicans makes me Sick..But I do agree that the USA helps the Whole Damn World..EXCEPT its own American Born and legally legal people here in the Damn USA...WE Should Be First WE Pay for everything!...It's Our Country Our Home FIRST! We Die for Our Country. And import Quality People! Legally!

It comes down to this.The USA needs to take care of USA born people First... And Veterans!...Not Honduras Not Somalia Not Iraq... Charity starts at Home... Close the Borders...Get us All Healthcare...Care for Our Planet!... Put Our Citizens First. Thank You Trump and Republicans...Do the Same Democrats. Put US First. Period.

8 Driving Barefoot

IF dumb ignorant inbreds could not VOTE.. Republicans would never win...WE must suppress that Voting Block with free waffles or something... Gotta do! Stop the incest! Democrats!

Not Really Securing Our Borders!...Not allowing concealed carry for our Safety!...This hurts Us All.

Whoever put "Putting Pokemon Go" on this list is racist. UwU

Executing Serial killers should be a priority in the USA,we lead the world in serial crime,no one is even close,3400 since 1900,and Yes Join the NRA.

9 Playing Pokemon Go

Come on, I don't like this game (despite being a big fan of the series), but whoever added this here really needs to learn what "illegal" means. - Swellow

Why? I'm not a fan of it, but okay... - Userguy44

come on I love this game - Yoshidude

Yeah I agree with @Swellow on this.There are a lots of dumb games.But it doesn't mean it will be illegal - zxm

10 Spitting on Cars

Spit on Republicans not on Trump... He is Correct in So many ways!... Screw illegals!

This happens? - Userguy44

Only Justin Bieber would do that. - 3DG20

What sane human spits on metal? - Swellow

The Contenders

11 Flashing Car Lights to Warn Other Drivers About a Speed Trap

I will warn you that if you Vote Republican you will have guns but no education,healthcare,no clean planet,no Unions, no Womens Rights,No immigration reform,...Do Research Before you VOTE

12 Scams to Make Money

Getting Poor People to Vote for Republicans is a SCAM to make the Rich stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor...but the uneducated TRUMP Voters can't figure this out...Not the Smartest People I've ever seen...Trump targets you Dummies. Pendejos. Hicks.

The FOX news channel is a SCAM on ignorant uneducated trailer park fat toothless rednecks.Vote against yourselves Vote Republican.

I hate these!

13 Drugs

Close our Damn Borders!...don't Be Stupid Democrats...Live In REALITY... We Need to Fix Our USA First and Help our own citizens!... Enforce E verify!

Yeah! Drugs are bad. - Userguy44

Drugs make you more Stupid.and America already has plenty of Stupid people.

Build the WALL... Healthcare 4 ALL Legal Americans...Put America and Native Born Americans and Veterans First!... For everything!...Give us a Clean and Healthy Planet!...give us concealed carry firearm laws for our protection. VOTE for This 2020!...Support the Party that Gives us this!.. โœ"๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ"’๐Ÿ"‘NRA... Join us Now... VOTE

14 Calling 911 on Blacks for No Reason

Often 911 takes too long to get Help,Do you Really think 911 is better than a Legal.38? It's Your Life.NRA.

Will 911 Help us when we get overrun by illegal aliens very soon?... Am I the only one who thinks how Bad this can get? Hell we can't even take care of our own citizens! Help Us Americans!

There usually is a reason.

CNN wants white people to apologize for being born white.the majority of us are not racist and we don't give a Damm who you love,your religion,really we just want to be left the Hell Alone!... And We all Want Healthcare and a real country with Real Borders...and Put Us All Americans First not Africa First. I Love Trump. But I won't Vote for republicans nor Trump. Democrats Suck too.

15 Watching Boku No Pico

Everyone who has watched this must have watched it unwillingly or unknowingly, otherwise send them to jail for being a psychopath.

A lot of people may not know this, but it IS illegal. - KalloFox34

Willingly watching it would be pedophilia so...

That's not illegal, it's just very stupid.

16 Bullfighting

What's so entertaining about animal abuse? - KalloFox34

This and the rodeo id barberic - westofohio

17 Getting Your Nipples Pierced

Get a Tattoo of a Democratic Ass on your Ads instead.much less Painful.

Who would do this? - Ananya

Snort Snort... How Bad?... Where do you all hang out? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘‚...I'm listening...

18 Becoming a Brony

You're saying liking something should be illegal? People like what they like. I'm a brony. If you don't like us bronies, ignore us. Don't think about us. Don't just post rude comments about us.

When the original items on the list aren't bad enough, people decide to make it worse. - Swellow

This is dumb. Hating God or whatever else over becoming a brony is less bad? What the? - Neonco31

I thought the items that were on the original list were bad, but the ones added later are far worse. - Martinglez

19 Viewing Pornography

If you are over 18 to post it or watch it... Who does it really harm?... I say no's a non issue... Not everyone is uptight about sex...not even religious people... Sex is Fun... And it got you here... Somebody had an orgasm... Your Mom... Hopefully?

Don't Trust anyone online or otherwise,LIFE 101.Who knows what's out there? a BIG World. But, Nothing Wrong with Porn.unlessYou say it is.don't.

I watch 4000K High Definition 3D Porn... Top that you conservative uneducated USA Trump clown. Get your GED.

If you like this disgusting thing that means that you are a pervert

20 Flipping Off People in Cars
21 Smoking

On the contrary, I would make ciggies and vapes easy and accesable so those who don't value their health and life can check out sooner,the malcontents are a drag anyway. Die Already. Sooner!

Smoking is so unhealthy. - Userguy44

Uncontrolled Borders will Smoke all of us Americans! CLOSE THE DAMM BORDERS!

22 Using a Radar Detector

I'm for it if in any way it can be used to secure our borders,use walls,e verify,work permits,but,secure our borders,
we don't need moochers,drugs,crime,terrorists,come on in... legally,VOTE November 6...Vote for Healthcare for All USA.

23 Hating on Autistic People

Only item I agree with. And listening to Justin Bieber is higher than this? Come one! - Userguy44

*looking at you, Autism Speaks* - RoseWeasley

I have autism - Maddox121

Its alright mun

24 Saying the f word

You Do Realize that PG-13 Films Allow That Term. So Unless If It's Used in a Sexual Term... The No. - Rainbowkid38

F the DEMOCRATS and Open BORDERS! Bothering Good Decent Gun Owners,Free stuff to illegals, Being Kind to CRIMINALS, Illegals, TRUMP has done a Good Job!

Look! It's a rare Crybabyus! - RoseWeasley

If Only a Good Decent Smart Republican was running against TRUMP?...I can't VOTE for this IDIOT!?...this Party is CRAP, Now.Lies...Cheating...Racist...Knuckle draggers...Jesus Nuts...Deafs...,

25 Bullying

Does this include Republicans Bullying All Women in the South?... Alabama and Missouri?...Old White Men telling Women what to do? Are you old men going to raise that unwanted baby?... I didn't think so. The GOP is Super Stupid.

26 Loving God

God doesn't exist. The only thing that "God" did is make up a lie about his existence. - Piplup

I love God and if you gonna hate me for this so go ahead. I don't care - Righteous

Having religious people fighting over something they are to stupid to understand. I'm tired of seeing people killing in the name of god. Wouldn't mind people believing, if they would stop hating people because they bible said so - westofohio

I am going to kill whoever is putting these things on my list - DoroExploro13

27 Hentai of children

Child pornography whether its animated or not is absolutely disgusting. Agree with this one. - BlueberryCatfish

28 Being a Troll and a Hypocrite Online

SAVE the children...don't just send food to Africa..send Birth Control!... Send Knowledge and wisdom and information...if the poor don't have kids... The Kids Don't Go Hungry.We Have Our Own Poor Here. Nation Build USA. Help Our Own. FIRST.

29 Making Stupid Lists About Things that Should Be Illegal

What?... You can learn a whole bunch by observing uncensored Stupid Lists done by the people around you!...I love the Top Tens!... So Raw!

Haha. - DarkBoi-X

The irony

30 Drinking Alcohol

We in the USA need to make election day a Legal Paid Holiday! But, drink after You VOTE... Not Before. Talk to your Congressman about this!

Come on! Lower than watching Porn?

Nope! - KalloFox34

31 Fortnite

Come on itโ€™s just a game! - Userguy44

32 Not Loving God

I have tried ever-so-hard to be a good Christian and stuff, but it's just not working out. Religion isn't for everyone, just like metal, book, PokemonGo, spiders, Skyrim, anything, really. There are things for some that don't work for another, you peeps should just accept that. - Merilille

That is against Freedom Of Religion. - djpenquin999

No! This SHOULD be legal!

What the hell is this list! - Userguy44

33 Standardized Testing

Stupid George W. Bush made this a thing with the stupid No Child Left Behind act. Screw you Bush. - railfan99

34 Owning Guns

When we in the USA have legal concealed carry in every state... Crime will Go Way Down... Thank God for Packing Heat. Go NRA...

This will drop the chance of a shooting dramatically.

The NRA and guns also protect you. Don't forget this.

35 Disney Buying Everything

So anoying

36 Watching Breadwinners


37 Vomit

Now this list is just getting ridiculous.


Sometimes you canโ€™t help it. - Userguy44

38 Honking Your Car At A Stranger/Pedestrian
39 Abortion

The Hell with unwanted pregnancies!...of course birth control is better than killing babys,but,an unwanted child is unwanted. Leave it at that.

This shouldn't be here. Like WindWakerFan said, if the mother was to die because of the baby, it'd be the only humane thing to do. - KalloFox34

40 Breathing

I hate doing it, make it illegal bro

41 Practicing Religion

Attend A Pagen Pride event near you fun cool jewelry a fresh look at things. Make these events Bigger... Help us.

Believe it or not, there are countries that ban religions. - Swellow

This list has anti-religion stuff. - MrCoolC

I agree with this.

42 Hating

I Hate Extremism Both Republicans and DEMOCRATS Are Guilty of This!...We need Healthcare and our Guns...We need A BORDER Wall... and A Clean Planet...WE need to put Americans FIRST...and Think Globely...but to me TRUMP is a Joke.A lier Con and a Mental.

Whoever added this is very dumb. Hate exists because we all like different things. - Userguy44

This list is stupid... On one side it is saying that hating should be banned and on other side it is saying not to practice Islam? - 0744rose

I'm not a racist,I hate everybody!...its much simpler that way...screw me!... I hate me!...I'm a Republican I Vote against myself! I hate healthcare and I'm sick... Go Trump!... Screw me over... Republicans... I love Pain!

43 Hating Metal

Not illegal, just difference of taste. - Swellow

Get over yourselves! What the hell is wrong with not liking metal? - 3DG20

Why is this on the list at all? - SwagFlicks

Some angry angsty teen probably added this

44 Making This List

This list Rocks! Express yourself. Be Honest. We need honesty so we can solve problems. Start by VOTEING. And being a good and decent person. Don't Stay Quiet!

45 Teen Titans Go

I love that show

46 Pouring salt into a freshwater pond

Stupid Open Borders craps on a USA we can Manage...Close the borders and enforce E verify... Put Bums to Work!... We have enough illegals here already!... Junkie immigrants... Lazy Americans...

47 Liking Bad Things

People, this is the work of Disney1994 on this item. Please do not listen to his nonsense about his views on opinions and television. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Junkie girls like Bad Boys because they are Ghetto Trash with No Self Respect nor Self esteem,Bad Boys are Trash boys.Too busy in jail... Losers.

It's called opinions. - Userguy44

48 Watching Fred: The Show

Not illegal, just really annoying.

49 Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2019) is an American preschool educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.

The show didnโ€™t break any laws, though. - MrCoolC

50 Alcoholic Drinks

Yes. You can live without alcohol. - Userguy44

Shake don't Stir... I'll drink to that.

Nope! - KalloFox34

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