Top Ten Things That Should Be Legal In the U.S.

Some of these are illegal in the USA and other items on the list are so frowned-upon as to render them illegal for most intents/purposes.

The Top Ten Things That Should Be Legal In the U.S.

1 Living Like You Want In Your Own House


Nooo! Whoever posted this is an idiot!

2 Manufacture of Refined Foods Without Additives
3 Panhandling
4 Sleeping In Public
5 Existing While Homeless
6 Loan Sharking
7 Having A Baby Born Addicted
8 Insider Trading
9 Ticket Scalping
10 Murder

Whoever did this is probably an idiot,lol-TheCoolGuy1

Whoever added this is probably being watched... - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Counting Cards
12 Kinder Surprise

Only sensible item on this list.

This should be #1. - PerfectImpulseX

13 Dancing Naked In the Street


14 Moving Traffic Cones
15 Stealing

Stealing should never be legal under any circumstances. No one would like their belongings to be stolen.

16 Beating Up Members of Hate Groups
17 Bigamy
18 Copyright Infringement

The copyright laws are what is keeping corrupt businesses like Hasbro, and Dreamworks Animation, alive. - Interrogator

19 Buying Guns for People who Can't Buy Guns

I think gun restrictions are the unholy revenge of parents of gun victims. - Interrogator

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