Top Ten Things That Should Be In the Next Animal Crossing Game

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Villagers that were removed from other games

yeah I had some villagers I really liked and of coarse they MOVED in new leaf! They are great villagers I hope to see again in NH oh yeah they are Cobb, Cody, Rod, Mira, Kabuki, Al and Erik.

Bringing back old villagers would be amazing, as I haven't met the other ones yet. It would also be cool to have more personality types and new special characters. - Princesslibby2006

We don't just need new villagers we need ones that were removed from other games. Or put all the villagers in animal crossing that would be better! - spodermanfan1000

New villagers

As well as new villagers, I hope Nintendo gives us more animal species, and maybe our first smug cat! As far as I know, there have been no smug cats in animal crossing yet. - Princesslibby2006

Well it's very obvious that we need more new villagers - spodermanfan1000

The city

I really hope we have something like the city, or if not, a bigger main street! I also think they should bring back the theatre and the place where you store your stuff! (Sorry I don't know the name). - Princesslibby2006

The city was a place to go in city folk and we don't have it in new leaf why not in the new one! - spodermanfan1000

Expand towns

This would be awesome! We could also choose where villagers choose their houses, because we all know that annoying feeling when a villager places their houses right next to where you found the perfect spot to build a public works project! - Princesslibby2006

My island has gotten boring to explore! I NEED MORE SPACE!

There is a limit to towns in all the animal crossing games (not in spinoffs) but this can be a great experience. We can get more space, more villagers, more fruits, more things to do! The only bad thing is...weeds - spodermanfan1000

Your town would have more room.

More stores

What if you could make your own? Yeah let's make a bakery and give you a meter for food and let you drink water

Instead of stores like Nook's Homes, the Able sisters, and the post office, we could have ones like a cafe, an ice cream parlour, a school and a hospital! - Princesslibby2006

Hey has anyone ever thought of a bakery, grocery store, restaurant, soda shoppe? Or an amusement park?

We got able sisters, nook's homes, garden shop, nookling junction, retail, and much more. How about a toy shop or a material shop that would be much cooler and give timmy and tommy a break cause they do sell a lot! - spodermanfan1000

The dump

This is a really great idea, because in New Leaf, I always have items that I have no room for in my locker or my house! - Princesslibby2006

A lot of people may disagree but I think the dump in animal crossing is great cause you can get free items to sell or use we need to bring it back! - spodermanfan1000

Yes! So we can still get stuff at 3 am!

More vegetables and fruits

Turnips is the only type of vegetable in animal crossing but with more vegetables we'll have more to sell and more to eat. And about fruit how about adding dragon fruit, watermelon, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, and more! - spodermanfan1000

I think in the next animal crossing game, we should have more fruits and vegetables like potatoes, lettuce and strawberries! - Princesslibby2006

YUS! And be able to choooooose your native fruit!

A school

Hmm... If it's optional and you can just drop in when you want yes. If everyday, NOOOO

Maybe for the NPCs, but not for your own character! 😂
The reason I love Animal Crossing is because I can do whatever I want each day. If I suddenly have to start going to school, it’ll cut into my free time, and the whole point of an Animal Crossing game is taken away.

Separate pocket space for tools
Customizable clothing

The Contenders

Item codes
Shopping cards to make large purchases
The Museum Observatory

It would be so awesome if Nintendo did this! I also think it would be cool if they brought back NES games! - Princesslibby2006

Phones, tablets, computers, and more that work! That would be cool why? On a phone you could call villagers! On a tablet maybe you could make minigames or apps. And for computers you could research tips for your town or get research on your villagers. - spodermanfan1000

Villagers based on the fighters in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Well, we do have Ganon (from scanning the Ganondorf Amiibo), Inkwell (from scanning an Inkling Amiibo of either gender), and Alfonso (has always worn the "big bro shirt" and said "it's a me") already...


That would be so awesome! I think they also need to add more rooms upstairs so you can create a bathroom, attic or a bedroom! - Princesslibby2006

That would be cool! A bigger house more room! - spodermanfan1000

Shopping points
An amusement park

THAT WOULD BE awesome! - EllizaKentish65

Unlimited villagers

I've always liked this idea! That way you don't have to get villagers to move out just so you can get room for other ones! It would also be cool to add a book to keep track of all your villagers, just like in happy home designer! - Princesslibby2006

What happens in the next animal crossing game your goal was to also get all the villagers in your town! It's like Pokemon but better. - spodermanfan1000

ooh yes! Then villagers DOn't haveta MOVE!


Smash Bros Easter Eggs
More space for custom designs

10 designs are not enough. Not enough at ALL. So why don't you expand it to like 16 or something! Nintendo we need this!

Use amiibos to get Nintendo characters styles
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