Top Ten Things That Should Change On Family Guy


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1 No Meg Abuse

I wish that happens cause I can't stand to meg be hated by her own family any longer

2 Peter Actually Liked His Kids

It's okay if peter is stupid but make him be nice his children for once even meg

3 Stewie Was Really Evil

I hope there's a last episode where Stewie hit his head and going back to being evil again like his was in season's 1-3

4 Lois Was Sweet and Caring
5 Jokes Didn't Go Too Far

The jokes do go too far. However Quagmire should still be a pervert, because he's the funniest character! - fhshshfsdhh

6 Brian Wasn't Self Absorbed

I used to like brian in the early season's when he's the voice of reason now he's a jerk I want THE OlD BRIAN BACK

7 Quagmire Wasn't a Complete Sex Freak

It's ok if he's kinky, likes porn, and is obsessed with sex, but don't make him a rapist.

8 The Evil Monkey

It turns out he wasn't evil he's just thinking also he's passed at his wife for cheating on him

9 Brewie

I not too big on the pairing. But I did like watching it from time to time. - Darellfat

10 Quagmire Dies

I would love to see this bastard perish and Brian mocking it, because Quagmire deserves it for being a complete bastard to Brian. - Gehenna

It could be a episode where quagmire going out tonight with his girlfriend but then make brian shooting him in the back of the head while he's not looking then eat his legs and feet and nose or have him run him over with his car than at the funeral make him watch cartoon on his phone and mocking him

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11 Peter Was Stupid But Enjoyable

More Homer Simpson, but not a rip off.

12 Stewie Starts Trying to Kill Lois Again

He did in pal of stewie

13 Less Mean Spirited
14 Brian and Quagmire's feud should end.

I wish it happen but I don't think Quagmire will be friends with Brian

Yes. I said it. I am currently writing a fan fiction about Brian and Quagmire finally getting along. It is called "Movin' in With Quagmire" and it is on - Murvine_Taylor

15 The family should be dysfunctional, yet they would still support each other
16 Peter shouldn't be a pedophile
17 Brian should be flawed, yet still grounded and well-meaning
18 Peter and Lois' Relationship
19 Stop being politically annoying
20 Kill off Herbert

But no replacements like Vinny

21 Brian and Jillian getting back together
22 Stewie and Olivia Getting Back Together
23 Quagmire stops beings enemies with Brian
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