Things that Should Exist, but Don't

This is nothing philosophical or political or anything. Just a collection of random, obscure thoughts of things that might make the world just a little bit better

The Top Ten

1 Chocolate Starburst

Just take a minute to think about it - KingOfTheSauce

2 A Remake Of "The Running Man"

1987 Schwarzenegger film. Good story, crappy effects. Should be rejuvenated with new age graphics - KingOfTheSauce

3 A "Shovel Knight" Sequel
4 Global Chessboxing Tournaments
5 A Store That Exclusively Sells Exotic Animal Feed
6 A Gay Superhero Movie
7 A Chair Made Entirely Of Memory Foam
8 A Reverse EBay
9 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

These definitely exist now.

10 Emergency Vending Machine

Dispenses clothes, shoes, razors, etc. - KingOfTheSauce

The Contenders

11 A Pill You Can Take To Prevent Hair Growth (Anti Shaving)

I know most of you are to young to realize this but shaving sucks. Ask your Dad's if they could take a pill instead of shaving. I bet 9 out of 10 will say yes. I always wished there was a pill I could take after I shave to prevent the hair from growing back. Well, as long as the side effects aren't too gnarly. With the drugs they approve nowadays I'll probably grow breasts, bleed out my eyes and urinate through my ears. - THC13

12 An Avengers cartoon in the style of Teen Titans Go
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