Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2014

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1 Ban Bras


That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

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2 Cancel Family Guy

Stupid show with bad humour!

It should of stayed canceled, look how bad it's become!

They shouldn't cancel it, but they should improve it.

3 Deport Justin Bieber back to Canada

Also revoke his green card!

I live in Canada, so for me, that would be a bad thing.

How about deport him to Antarctica instead?

This Should be happened as early as Possible - kormo

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4 Magic Starts to Exist
5 Southwestern Population Should Get Bigger V 1 Comment
6 Universal Peace and Freedom
7 Cancel Dora the Explorer

Man if they decided to cancel Dora the Explorer, then that would be a blast. Us guys would go CRAZY and be all happy. Dora is a dimwit and a belly flopping girl. We should send a message to Nick Jr. along with Nickelodeon to cancel stupid Dora. That Dora is so deaf and blind she has to tell us where it is, ENOUGH DORA, GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS WORLD! - TopTenJackson

I always thought that when The Simpsons gets cancelled, Dora the Explorer would just keep going on and on and on. Thankfully it's getting cancelled.

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8 Replace President Obama with a Better President

Ikr TopTenJackson is kinda obsessed with SpongeBob. But don't worry he will grow out of it soon. Oh and by the way OBAMA SUCKS! - EpicJake

I don't think we can just replace a president randomly, but whatever
And do you have a little obsession with SpongeBob? Laugh out loud
And what's wrong with bras O-o - MoldySock

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9 Release a Second SpongeBob Movie

Unfortunately, SpongeBob got cancelled on November 18, because voice actor Tom Kenny is facing 7 cases of child pornography, so no movie, and Nickelodeon is over with forever.

Don't worry. It was a different person. He wasn't even named Tom Kenny. The newscaster had the name. - ethanmeinster

I'm really hoping the second movie will go great. - TopTenJackson

They are. Next year there gonna do it

This will happen in 2015 in theatres - PatrickStar

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10 Air Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants

They are making a tenth season, but it's unknown of when it will get here. - TopTenJackson

How did "Ban Bras" get all the way from number eight to number one?

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11 TheTopTens Makes a Chatroom
12 Release Mario Kart 9

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I've played the 8th game and it was such a let down. But I hope if they make a 9th one, it'll be good

Only gaming thing I'm excited for ON THIS LIST - happyday

They haven't even released Mario Kart 8 yet.

Mario Kart 8 will be out in May 30.

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13 Cancel Wonder Pets
14 Work On a Film Where Elsa and Jack Frost Are Together

! Best loveteam, best together film, best white girl and boys hair and it needs sone kissing scene in the end! Idina and whatever who you are just voice as Jack and Elsa - FrozenHeart

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15 Cancel Every Little Kids Shows Except SpongeBob

Yay! Because I can watch more SpongeBob! - Puppycutsies

Yeah, but what will youngerror kids watch, not all kids shows are bad.

16 Season 2 of Gravity Falls
17 Increase Interstate Highway Speed Limits to 85 MPH

They don't make fast cars to go slow.

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18 Cancel SpongeBob

WHAT!? SpongeBob is a great show! Why would you want them to cancel it? And besides, if it stopped airing we wouldn't see the old SpongeBob (Seasons 1-5) anymore. - TopTenJackson

I don't want it to be cancelled. They just need to improve the episodes now. - ethanmeinster

After the movie this show went the Family Guy way, THE NEW FAMILY GUY WAY!

19 Cancel Phineas and Ferb

Overrated Garbage. It was good until the flop stars episode, typical Disney making everything about singing

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20 Make Half Life 3
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