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41 Katy Perry Vanishes from the Mainstream
42 Dave Mustaine Rejoins Metallica

That would be cool!

43 Gravity Falls gets more fans so it doesn't get canceled

This probably will happen if people are very interested in it. - EpicJake

If it get's canceled, I never watch Disney ever again! - Number18

44 The New Dragonball Z Series Comes Out

You know you want it

Dragon Ball Super already came out this year.

It should come out and 2016 and I'm so exited!

45 Get Rid of Adventure Time

Yes. This show needs to die! Because of shows like these our kids are watching mindless, senseless bathroom humor filled random crap instead of well thought out, funny, thought provoking and enjoyable shows like avatar. Please get rid of adventure time, regular show, gumball, uncle grampa, Sanjay and Craig and all of those other horrendous monstrosities that apparently qualify as shows now.

This show needs to end NOW! - JandS3000

Ya we need that!

The one reason my parents got rid of cable. I wish this show would get cancelled. Even Ed, Edd, n Eddy have better animation than this.

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46 Cancel everything currently on Nickelodeon except for Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents

Fairly Odd Parents is already ending in March. Bring back Danny Phantom.

I agree with this. - cosmo

I don't think The Fairly Oddparents ended in March 2016. - creed99

Hellz Yeah! This should happen! Greatest idea ever! 😃
(Because everything else on Nickelodeon is ' crap)

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47 Miley Cyrus Vanishes from the Mainstream
48 Carteret Islands Abandoned Completely
49 Live Action Halo Movie Comes Out
50 A new series of the Numberjacks.
51 Skyrim turned into a movie

I would so watch it

52 Eurasian Economic Union Put Into Order
53 President Obama Steps Out of Office

There is gonna be another election day in 2016! So 2 more years. - EpicJake

I'd rather see Bush as president.

54 Tee Titans and Codename: Kids Next Door come back and have a crossover.
55 Make a Big Hero 6 Two

A Big Hero 6 2? That Doesn't Even Make Any Sense. If Their Gonna Make A Sequel Of This Movie They Should Call It Big Hero 7 Instead.

This would be great! I love this movie! - Puppycutsies

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56 Dora getting canceled

This is actually happening! - EpicJake

57 Gay people gain marriage rights worldwide

Just because your bibles and parents say it's wrong, is it really wrong? You say racism and segregation was bad, well that's exactly what they're experiencing. It's not a decision. They don't choose to be that way. They're people just like you and me. Wanna be a "free world"? We forgot a group to make equal. The time is now to fix that.

I'm with the person that said; "NO NO PLEASE NO that's disgusting as hell"

NO NO PLEASE NO that's disgusting as hell

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58 Obama Is Impeached

Just a few more months, and he'll be gone for good. I hate waiting. - RiverClanRocks

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59 Avicii Wins a Grammy

Please Grammy awards give this wonderful artist a award as be puts a lot of effort into his music

He's a pretty good artist, though I'm not a fan of him.

60 Frozen 2 made

NO NO NO, The first one was annoying enough, so why a sequel anyway?

Definitely. Let it go let it go. And make a new frozen movie now.

Oh no! Frozen is suck! Don't make Frozen's sequel!

None of those annoying songs, please!

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