Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2015


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61 Total Drama Season 7

There isn't gonna be a new season this year. Instead they are doing a spin-Off called "Total drama presents the ridonculous race". I can't wait!

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62 Nu Metal takes off again

Or alternative rock!

That would be sweet


63 PewDiePie and Marzia married
64 Solar Eclipse In The North Atlantic
65 Demi Lovato Vanishes from the Mainstream
66 Sanjay and Craig die
67 Miley Cyrus goes back to her old self

She has to get back! She used to be more decent!

I think she is brainwashed right now..
Also she would be less hated. - Number18

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68 Cartoon Network Brings Back the Old Shows

How about "Cartoon Network goes bankrupt and the creator of adventure time later dies in a box on the side of a road clutching a collecting tin".

69 Bond 24
70 Left 4 Dead 3 Released
71 Ginger Snaps 4

Perkins, Lemche and Isabelle! Needs to star in a new movie

72 Create a Humourous and interesting Cartoon

A awesome, interesting and funny cartoon like regular show, SpongeBob, Simpsons and Tom and Jerry - JandS3000

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73 New Star Fox Released
74 Green Day Gets Inducted Into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

They have the first shot at the hall in 2015 - greatesttop10s

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75 Ford Goes Bankrupt
76 Rugrats make a comeback
77 Cancel Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, The Simpsons and Family Guy

They can't cancel adventure time,i'd die inside without marceline

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78 The Sims 4 is Entirely Reworked

We all know it needs to happen. - higgsboson2142

79 Nicki Minaj Vanishes from the Mainstream

Then the world becomes a better place.. - Number18

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80 Ke$ha Vanishes from the Mainstream

No! I love kesha and if this happens, I won't listen to modern pop anymore and we would get more taylor swift, I hate her music, it is so boring and annoying and repetitive. Kesha makes better music, that is fun. It would be sad and I would get angry, hopefully kesha gets a new album.

Kesha is better than Justin Bieber, though. I don't like her, she doesn't really make music, but her stuff gets catchy at times. And at least she's nice to her fans.

Ke$ha is good. Get rid of katy perry.

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