Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2016

In 2 years...What should happen? A new movie or video game console released? A new kind of technology is invented? Maybe even a new kind of car? What do YOU think? This list is also similar to my other lists, "Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2014", and "Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2015." But anyway I hope you vote for A Time Machine Is Invented and maybe you can add a bunch more comments and even make a remix to see what YOU guys want there too happen. If you do make a remix I would LOVE to see it!

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1 A Time Machine Is Invented

So we can go back in time, change the future, and be all happy. I would go back in time, make sure the planes don't crash into the World Trade Center back in 2001 in New York City. I would also go and stop the world war and bring peace to the earth!

To the guy who said "the sooner, the better" I have a question: how is it relevant when it's completed? It's a time machine.

I actually bought a DeLorean and I'm busy now to converting it into a time machine. But I don't know if it will be ready in 2016. Maybe 2017.

Ha, yah right! It's never going to get made because time machines are just made up imaginations that will never exist.

2 Cartoon Network and Nick Cancel All the New Bad Shows and Returns All the Old Good Shows

Nickelodeon is understandable but Cartoon Network has lots of great shows right now but nobody is seeing them because they're so blinded by their own nostalgia that they only want the older shows back without even realizing that the shtick of rebooting old shows and never cancelling them would get old.

They should do that

Hell yeah they should!

HECK YA those old shows were the best

3 Republican President Elected

Yes, we need someone like Ron paul to be president and republicans aren't morons it's not our fault that people make terrible decisions in their lives and don't end up in welfare and we need to get rid of Obama care which is essentially killing our economy and democrats just like their animal symbol are jackasses along with that we need someone to get rid of the shady going on in our government

Number one, Ron Paul isn't running, his son Rand is and even Republicans don't like him. Number two, the economy is far better under Obama than it ever was under Bush. Number three, every study ever made on the subject shows Obamacare has helped the economy, not hurt it. Number four, I don't need to get personal with you because my other points aren't lies like yours are.

"i'm gonna vote for my dog for president, you know, to keep the female dogs in the office"

I think Ted Cruz is the best bet.

4 Donald Trump Drops Out of The Presidential Race

I am from the future: He won

I think he's going to stay until he loses in choosing one Rebublican and one Democrat for President - FerrariDude64


5 All Xbox One Are Destroyed

Hello New Mexico, I got one more thing in the burying collection you need to have and only you. - htoutlaws2012

And bring Xbox 720

6 Teen Titans Go! Gets cancelled

It was such a bad show... Literally I cringed watching 5 minutes of it.

Its not that bad, at least it is better than many other things

Truest item on the list - Nateawesomeness

It better get cancelled

7 A New Country Is Formed In The Atlantic Ocean

Then the United States would cross over to Africa, and Europe.

Wont happen unless theirs another ice age - Nateawesomeness

I hope


8 Space Jam 2 Gets Officially Announced

Already Has.

9 Ban Bras

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

I think some other person must had put this on here, because I don't remember adding this. It would be weird if this actually happened, no bras.

It was already tried for awhile from 1968-1975, which were pretty fun years.

...How woman will hide their boobies?

10 Miley Cyrus gets therapy and puts some clothes on

You read my mind

I know - FerrariDude64


Haha =)))

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart 10 Is Released

If this is going to happen, This is going to be my 2nd most anticipated video games of 2016! - MostTalented_BoyX

The tenth Mario Kart game, it is unknown if they will make one.

Don't you mean Mario kart 9 - Nateawesomeness

A time machine is confusing. So WE NEED MOR Mario KART!

12 Super Mario Galaxy 3 Released

Yeah that would be awesome if the game comes out!



13 Smartphones and Tablets Become Unpopular

Clash of Kings or what ever it is called should leave. All Clash of Clans related game should be banned... I HATE THEM

I hate clash of clans they should be decently popular not overrated - ikerevievs

Why? whats so bad of this?
it's a opinion, not hating.


14 Justin Bieber hate dies down on TheTopTens

How about Justin Bieber dies in 2016

Don't you worry this will not happen cause beliebers wishes are stronger then haters. - Righteous

Seriously this is overplayed. No I don't like Beiber but I am tired of seeing him on list like "worst things that can happen to (blank)" because it really is not funny. Sorry but I made my point - Jonerman

Someone accidentally added 3 words at the end. And one word in the middle.

This. This. This - WonkeyDude98

15 Up 2 Is Released

Even though I loved up, it should be a stand-alone movie, meaning no sequel. - Turkeyasylum

Up wasn't that good of a movie,I think this shouldn't be released - Nateawesomeness

It could continue the story of Carl, Dug, and Russell.

I love the movie up

16 Hillary Clinton gives up politics

Hillary Clinton would love to give up politics. She's more into public service. It's hard to give up politics when you have hateful trolls bashing you on the Internet. You do have to defend yourself, after all. You're all going to look pretty ridiculous when she wipes the floor with the first Republican she debates. It will be obvious that she is way more ready to be president than anyone in the GOP.

She reminds me of a school principal or an old hag librarian. I would hate to have her as my president every day. At least with Donald Trump, I can laugh at his hair. - Rpemk

17 World Peace

I wish this would happen. It would if all World Leaders step down and currency is gone and we were all 100% equal

This will not happen. - Mewtwo_

It would be wonderful, but I don't think it's possible with ISIS and Al-Queada in the world.


18 Google Earth 2 Is Released

Or they could just update Earth 1

Google Earth 2 and Up 2 would be simply awesome, and a time machine would be incredible! Cool list, I liked it TopTenJackson. God bless! - HezarioSeth

What? - Nateawesomeness

nice idea

19 Oggy and the cockroaches moves to Disney Channel
20 Nickelodeon Dies

I have hear rumour that victorious will come back and it will begin air on April 2017.I think Nickelodeon realize that kids begin not watch their channel because too many bad shows.I also hear that iCarly will come back. - BeaM456

Nickelodeon probably wont die, but I would actually give it respect if they brought back the old shows

Really! This will never happen

Nickelodeon needs to be pulled off the chennals

21 Metal and Rock Become the Only Music Genres In the World
22 A Nintendo 4DS Is Released

It could be the successor to the Nintendo 3DS.

The name sounds ridiculous.

And it comes with a brand new Zelda game!

It was called the 3ds because most games were 3D

23 Xbox Handheld Gets Created

It has, its called THE WINDOWS PHONE.

24 Microsoft Disappears

Microsoft is and always will be batter than stupid Apple.

25 SpongeBob and TMNT Move to Cartoon Network

How about we cancel SpongeBob' and tmnt remake

Highly doubtful

How about SpongeBob and tmnt grt new shows

26 Same-Sex Marriage is Made Illegal Again

Sorry. The courts have spoken, and even Republicans seem like they want to turn the page.

This is good so people can stop sinning with disgraceful acts

No Thanks. I'm not Gay but I think its ok.

27 Cure to Ebola is found

Ebola is now in the past - BorisRule

I hope not

YES! and also AIDS

28 Iwata Comes Back to Life
29 Dora Gets Cancelled

Yes because dora sucks

Can you tell me where the cancel button is!

Please god please, no more beaner speak.

30 Super Mario 3D Land 2 Is Released

It could be the sequel to Mario 3D Land.

Hope it's for 3DS or 4DS.

I loved super Mario 3d land,I would love this game - Nateawesomeness

It will be spectacular

31 Despicable Me 3 Is Released

Will be released, and Minions was a prequel

Wasn't Minions basically Despicable Me 3?

kill me

32 Sanjay and Craig Gets Cancelled

Yes. This must happen. Sanjay and Craig is an awful show. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Please, and bring back Jimmy Nuetron


33 Toon Disney and Jetix Come Back
34 Traditional Marriage revival
35 A New Tall Building In New York City Is Built

It could be called, "The Empire State Building Deluxe." And you mean by crazy that it is a funny list, a good list, or a weird list?

This list is crazy

From recent terrorism (#PrayForParis) and things like that, I would prefer if they built one in afew years time

It's already been built. One World Trade Center, or as some others call it the Freedom Tower, is one of the tallest skyscrapers constructed on earth.

36 Shopkins Get Discontinued

Yes this would be paradise because my sister always says I got a rare one all the time and I hate it shopkins suck

Shopkins Chef club sucks! Uh I used to keep on getting June Balloon and Whooly Hat.

37 Soviet Union Rises Again

US is Boned

38 Vocaloid Concert In the Country You Live

No. This should not happen at all. - SelfDestruct

I really hope this could happen again.

39 Obama Impeached

Why? For being black?

He won't be in office either way. There will be no need.

It would be his last year anyway

40 Spyro Remake Released

I don't know why I agree but I liked the Spyro games

That'd be cool

YES! - yasirzxzxzx

41 Earth Like Planet Is Discovered Under 100 Light Years Away

The future is out there! - higgsboson2142

42 Justin Bieber dies/retires

That is the best thing that can happen and this should really happen!

I would prefer Retire because he is a human being

I would be extremely happy when he dies! -GravityFallsAndWeBareBearsLover18

Dies please. of Aids

43 Banish Justin Bieber to Antarctica

Don't even think Antarctica wants him

Why would we want to put him there? Space is a good place. Space.

I don't want polar bears migrating down!

Then the bears will die.

44 Metal becomes more popular than pop and rap

Honestly, pop and rap sucks.

Metal gonna make me got a headache, to be honest

LOL Never... SCREAMo

45 Anime Reboot of Powerpuff Girls

This would be awesome.

There is a reboot coming in 2016, but it is not anime sadly.

Ikerevievs, you have no taste in shows.

You know there's already PPG Z - BorisRule

46 Porn Finally Ends

This should be in the Top 10 - ThePwoperMuser101

Should be in the top 1

Never happen

That'll be awesome because it has porn pictures and videos like dbz, kirby and Pokemon hentai.

47 Clarence gets Cancelled

He's fat. Give him Type 2

This needs to happen

48 Kesha Returns and Iggy Azalea Retires

I wish Kesha could come back. Kesha's music is fun. Iggy Azalea just plain sucks

Kill me v2

49 ISIS Surrenders

They need to get of the world for good and maybe people will stop killing

I don't think that an entire operation can surrender.

Oh this is the bomb item of the list this gotta be higher! Now, lets focus on Taliban and El Quada - FerrariDude64

Maybe ISIS' fate will be the same as Japan

50 Frozen 2 is Released

Oh my god, please no!

NO NO NO, the first one was annoying enough

Oh God... The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway...

NO not again

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