Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2020

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1 Miley Cyrus retires

Good lord woman, this is happening to some people at all

No; this should happen earlier than 2020. - Wolftail

We already know that Kayne is going to run for president - JaysTop10List

2 Gorillaz releases an album with Eminem

Oh please let this happen - KingSlayer93316

Hell no

3 Beyonce collaborates with Eminem

That’s already happened.

4 Cars begin to fly

Please just make sure it is about to be on the Terrafugia tf-x soon

Yeah not gonna happen

That would be cool. - Userguy44

5 All of us TopTenners work on a huge list

That sounds like fun!

There should be a list called Most Legendary TopTenners of all time. - Userguy44

That sounds REALLY cool. - PhoenixAura81

That would be awesome! Plan it - KingSlayer93316

6 TheTopTens becomes a virtual future websites
7 Damon Albran makes an album

Thank you for the Generation X music, of course

8 The creator of Spongebob announces that it will never be cancelled

But he died in 2018... - PageEmperor

Mr. Hillenberg said he's coming back this year.

9 New Simpsons episodes Every Week Monday - Friday

AWESOME! - PhoenixAura81

10 Dogs can fly

That sounds awesome. - PhoenixAura81

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11 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes

YES please

Yes! - Userguy44

Yes. If they aren’t doing it this year they should do it in 2020. - PageEmperor

12 Kanye West runs for president

I hope he doesn't get elected ever. Honestly, if this turd wins the elections, Americans shouldn't be able to vote after that. - RogerMcBaloney

Americans, vote for him at your own peril. You'll only have yourselves to blame.


I hope he losses the primaries!

13 Trump dies

Why though? Trump isn't a good president, but he doesn't deserve to die. - Userguy44

Please make this happen

14 Visual Concepts brings back Kyle Lai-Fatt for the creation of NBA 2K21

Just listen 3 of his songs and you will know why he is the best.

He's a young songwriter-singer with great potentials. The genres of his music vary from r&b to pop. Among all, his pop music is the most magnificent! His success not only comes from his talents but also his meticulous attitude for every piece of work and performance. He's definitely one of the leading singers in America possessing tens of millions of fans! - PheonixAura81

The sweetest Korean African-American guy ever! He's goofy with his family and friends and plays with the fans, but is an awesome performer once he goes on stage. #BringBackKLFForVisualConcepts2020!

15 More variety of music on the radio
16 Cardi B dies

She robs and drugs men - TheAwesomeDude54

17 Cartoon Network makes a Teen Titans Go!-style reboot of Adventure Time and Regular Show into one show


I don't find TTG was terrible, but I do think Cartoon Network should consider rebooting Adventure Time and Regular Show to troll the fantards of those shows, because I am so sick and tired of people constantly praising both shows! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

18 The Powerpuff Girls 2016 gets cancelled

I rather stick with the original 1998 one, not the 2016 version, I hope so 😂

19 Elizabeth Warren - Bernie Sanders Primary Challenge

This might happen during the 2020 primaries.

20 Snakes Go Extinct

Snakes are worst aminal

21 New Janet Jackson album released

Yes bring back Janet Jackson music!

I am can’t wait for the next album - this and the ep before the new album comes out in summer!

I'd be very happy if Janet Jackson has an album released. by the way I miss Michael Jackson! 😢

22 Fortnite gets banned

Yes please!

23 Jurassic World sequel

It’s already coming in 2018. Less than a month from the movie coming - PackFan2005

It wood be cool

24 Star Wars: Episode IX
25 Sports stadiums ban people who have contagious diseases

There's Measles outbreak now thanks to a stadium's lack of public safety.

26 Teen Titans Go gets cancelled

Yes, we are likely to be cancelled for once and for all. The end.

Likely to get cancelled

Teen titans go is the on of the worst if not the worst show of this decade and the worst show on CN! I hope it gets cancelled sooner or later!

27 6IX9INE dies
28 Donald Trump Loses the 2020 Election

I hope so - blackflower

29 Drones deliver medicine
30 Drone insurance offered
31 OJ Simpson dies
32 Less consumerism

Amen to that we are stop doing consumerism in the next year. We agreed

33 Mike Pence dies
34 The rap genre dies out and is replaced with techno music
35 Feminists will stop invading this list.

Oh no

36 School gets closed forever

Which would mean no more drama, bullying, relationships, fake friends and so much more

37 Pokemon Black and White Remakes
38 Grey's Anatomy Gets Cancelled
39 Queen Elizabeth II Dies and Prince Charles of Wales Becomes King Charles III

Be careful what you wish for.

Elizabeth II was queen too long. We need a new king of England.

40 Judd Apatow Runs Out of Comedy Movies

The only thing that I get rid of R rated comedies movies that he made, but he rather stick with decent comedy/non-comedy movies and more time with screenwriting stuff.

Go to hell, R rated comedy stuff

41 Horror Movies Die

Which would mean no sociopath or maniac type villains, brutal violence, weird masked people, freaky themed elements, torture or other kinds of killing and so much more. Bring back old horror movies

42 Eugenia Bouchard Wins Wta Title
43 Merriam Webster Dictionary Running Out of New Words

Too much word ideas for the next set of words for Merriam Webster Dictionary book 😭

44 Bernie Sanders Becomes President of the United States in 2020

That’s sounds amazing

45 Entrapment 2 Comes Out

Not as good as the original, but new studio, new cast and set 21 years after the Y2K attacks like Roswell New Mexico T.V. show

46 Fighting Vipers 3 Game Comes Out

Sega haven’t been making a Fighting Vipers game in 3 decades, please

47 New Maroon 5 single comes out
48 Long form Tv Shows Get a Comeback

Just like the 1970s, The 1980s and The 1990s to have that type of shows, we are thrilled to see this shows back

49 Vinyls Become Obsolete

What a bogus list

50 E Sports Become Banned in 13 Countries

E Sports is disgusting, we are plugging out of crazy technology/gaming laden sport and putting this in a crapo truck and should bring back good sports for good

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