Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2020


The Top Ten

1 Miley Cryus Retires

No; this should happen earlier than 2020. - Wolftail

We already know that Kayne is going to run for president - JaysTop10List

2 Gorillaz releases an album with Eminem

Oh please let this happen - KingSlayer93316

3 Beyonce collaborates with Eminem

That’s already happened.

4 Cars Begin To Fly
5 All of us TopTenners work on a huge list

That would be awesome! Plan it - KingSlayer93316

That would be amazing!

Or, we could all do a TopTens timeline - PackFan2005

6 TheTopTens becomes a virtual future websites
7 Damon Albran makes an album
8 The creator of Spongebob announces that it will never be cancelled

Mr. Hillenberg said he's coming back this year.

9 New Simpsons episodes Every Week Monday - Friday
10 Dogs Can Fly

The Contenders

11 Kanye West runs for president

No. Just no - KingSlayer93316

12 Trump dies

Please make this happen

13 Jurassic World Sequel

It wood be cool

It’s already coming in 2018. Less than a month from the movie coming - PackFan2005

14 Star Wars: Episode IX
15 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes
16 Cartoon Network makes a Teen Titans Go!-style reboot of Adventure Time and Regular Show into one show

I don't find TTG was terrible, but I do think Cartoon Network should consider rebooting Adventure Time and Regular Show to troll the fantards of those shows, because I am so sick and tired of people constantly praising both shows! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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