Things that Should Happen to Ajit Pai

In case you don't know, Ajit Pai is the monster who's responsible for all the FCC Net Neutrality stuff you hear in the news. Even though majority of the people of the USA are against it, there's a sickening chance it can actually happen (screw you Trump administration. Back in the day the US government actually cared about people, now all they're interested in is money). This guy is horrible. What do you think should happen to him?

The Top Ten

1 He gets erased from existence by GaoGaiGar using the Goldion Hammer
2 He gets beamspammed to death by Nanoha Takamachi and the Strike Freedom Gundam
3 Die from every torture device known to man

This man deserves no less than a 50 year prison sentence where he is subjected to solitary confinement for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He is objectively an evil person that should be locked away for the rest of his life.

So does Trump @Zach808

Wow, that got dark. - Not_A_Weeaboo


4 He gets stuck in an infinite time loop by Giorno Giovanna and Golden Experience Requiem

thank you

5 He gets banned from USA and Europe

And what about Asia south america and Afrika?

Seriously, screw this idiot.

6 He gets run over
7 He gets egged and humiliated on public

Please do. And by that, I mean the WHOLE of America. - Swellow

Hell yes! - SpectralOwl

8 He gets fired

This is Ajit's Slogan: Make America offline again - SpectralOwl

9 He gets sent to jail

Nice list. Ajit Pai should jump off a cliff.

10 He gets "ORA ORA ORA"-ed to death by Jotaro Kujo

The Contenders

11 Be charged to use his limbs, breathe, or blink.

�� the funniest thing I ever heard from this list!

12 His family disowns him
13 He turns poor
14 He goes to Lavender Town
15 He gets eaten

Whoah, Cannibolism here. - WorldPuncher47592834

16 His head gets hit with a crowbar and he goes into a coma
17 He suffers every villain's death from Final Fantasy
18 He gets sent to the pit of misery

Dilly dilly. If you’ve seen the pit of misery commercial you’ll get it - Randomator

19 He goes to Camp Crystal Lake
20 Barney sings 'I love you' to him repeatedly
21 He loses his job from people suing him

What a dumbass he is!

People are trying to sue the FCC so maybe he'll somehow end up losing his job because of it. If it happens, I won't complain. - RoseRedFlower

22 He gets betrayed by the big companies
23 He turns into a poop pie
24 He goes to heaven

Hell no!

25 He resigns immediately
26 He gets beat up
27 He dreams about Freddy Krueger
28 He gets sacrificed by a black metal band
29 He gets attacked by Robot Santa Claus from Futurama
30 The janitors take care of him
31 He gets left in space with his buddies.
32 He gets sent to hell
33 A bunch of weight discs fall on him
34 His Reese's mug gets poisoned.
35 Smile Dog gives him nightmares
36 He falls down a hole into hell
37 He gets Ebola
38 Thanos disintegrates him
39 He gets banned from Earth and sent to the Moon
40 He gets sent to the phantom or negative zones
41 He gets killed in a nuclear explosion
42 He gets deported to North Korea
43 He gets killed
44 He gets crucified

Need I say more

45 Rose from Rabid (1977) stabs and drains him with her armpit orifice
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