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Barney sings to them

Realise this is the only Boohbah list.

They explode

In my teens I hated this show, but I have seen pictures on a website of childhood show nostalgia and a picture of the boohbah around the rainbow, I'm neutral but I wouldn't try to watch it. Its fine for 1/2 year olds.

Put them on South Park

And confuses Chef?

They fall down a hole
Starts a war with Barney

Barney: Press the button
"I love you, you love me, we're a great big..."
All the Boohbah died that day - Martinglez

They fall into a tar pit

You guys must be rather timid if you think it's scary.

Set them on fire

U should set them on fire �"�-Pinksteelwolf

They get eaten by sharks
They take an I.Q. Test with the Teletubbies

List Why Teletubbies are better than Boohbahs.
Because they actually are... Teletubbies do more can speak a couple of words.
Have better names. One of the Boohbahs is called Zing Zing Zingbar.
The human characters in Boohbahs aka The Story People are called
Grand Mama, Grandpa, Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Brother and Sister. Only the dog has a name Fido.
You get confused on which Boohbah is male and which is female as they look like fluff balls.

And they find out that Pob has a higher I.Q. than all of them. Pob's Programme 1985-1990

Did the Boohbahs even say anything?
The Teletubbies even if most was baby speech had conversations for example.
Po: "Po cootah back? "
Laa-Laa: "No! "
Po: "Ohhh! "

And find out they are a dumbed down version. Even Iggle Piggle has more braincells than Boohbahs.

They stop dancing

The Contenders

Elmo shoots them all
They burn in hell


Endless pains and torture

Crossover with Teletubbies

I think Teletubbies original series had been cancelled when the Boohbahs had started and they decided to make the next Teletubbies -- Boohbahs.
Make some toys, computer games.
But it failed. It never lasted as long as Teletubbies which even returned in 2015.
Teletubbies was a craze no one had ever seen something so unusual on television before.
It was either creepy or cute.

Boohbahs is Teletubbies for idiots.
All I remember was its like some stupid screensaver and I changed the channel.

It could work? Are you mad all they do is say Boohbah repeatedly. Teletubbies had a life, can speak a couple of words.

If you watch this episode, you WILL think you're on drugs. - lamourieparkinson

They die

Fluff balls can die? LOL.

Paw patrol kills them

And they will kill storypeople too

They have babies like the Teletubbies in the remake (2015 - Tiddlytubbies) called Boobaba

Do you think some kids under 5 laughed at the Boohbahs because they laugh at stupid things.
I grew up in Mr Blobby era and laughed at him. Mr Blobby was a stupid character.
I was around 4 years old when Mr Blobby robbed the Christmas number 1.

I doubt in a million years the Boohbahs would have a remake. They have no personality, they only have two series.
But think up crazy names for the Boobaba

They are in LazyTown

They learn what real exercise is.

But it’s more likely that stingy would banish them from his town. - TopTennerPerson

Yeah, Maybe Stingy could run ‘em over with his little car. - TopTennerPerson

Zumbar, Humbar, Jumbar, Zing Zing Zingbar, Jingbar become a band
Satan asks for them to come home.

Their not demons. They look more like cuddly creatures.

Crossover with Boku no Pico

LOL! Crossover with Boku no pico! I would be laughing my butt of if I saw that!

Both are how the hell do they exist.

Max from The Tweenies scares the Boohbahs and they start to talk

The Tweenies - Favourite Songs.

They are Teletubbies heirs

Read Urban Dictionary

Humbah, Jumbah Zing Zing Zingbah and Zumbah become a boyband

Tells you that I haven't watched it just saw a bit of an episode thought it was weird. So I didn't know the genders.

Humbah is actually female lol

Put tape on them
They fall into acid
They sink into a volcano
They stab each other
They get whipped
They loose their fluff on their bodies.
They loose their heads and end up as just a fluff ball without a head.
Dora marries Humbar

Slash ship.
I found out Humbar is female.

The Story People eat them, because Boohbahs are actually candy.
A tubby custard machine explodes in the Boohbah zone and it closes forever.
They return to their old planet.
They get blown up by TNT

Steve from minecraft should make them a house of TNT and ignite one of the TNT blocks.-Pinksteelwolf

Put them in Fortnite

They will get shot by a shotgun!

Put them in Minecraft

They can be ender dragon bait

Put them in a bathtub of venomous snakes

They will kill all the boobah

They fall into a pit of lava

They will burn to death

They drown
Crossover with Teen Titans Go
They are educated by the Tweenies
Boohbahs give the story people seizures

I have epilepsy, so no offensive.

They meet Tilly, Tom and Tiny who put them up in their cottage as lights

R.I.P. puppet T.V. (Rosie and Jim & Tots T.V.)

They become Power Rangers
X-Rated Jumbar and Jingbar
Crossover with The Problem Solverz
Crossover with The Brothers Grunt
Shifty.Mcgifty Headbutts On Them
They fight with the Teletubbies
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