Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Book Seven of The Enemy Series

The Top Ten

1 Small Sam Kills Saint George

Not the saint, the sicko. - Wolftail

2 Small Sam and Ella Get Reunited

I would love to see this happen! - Wolftail

3 All of the Groups of Kids Make an Alliance and Fight Off the Sicko Army

This would be awesome! - Wolftail

4 The Disease Is Cured

A happy ending. But a book series like this doesn't have happy endings! - Wolftail

5 David King Dies

I've always hated that character.._. - Wolftail

6 The Holloway Crew Goes to South America to Find the Cure for the Disease

This will probably not happen. - Wolftail

7 A Happy Ending

After all, book 7 is called The End! - Wolftail

8 Some of the Dead Kids Come Back Alive
9 A Well-loved Character Dies

Hopefully this isn't Ed, Small Sam, or The Kid. - Wolftail

10 A Mysterious Character Destroys All of the Sickos

A mystery that will never be solved! A huge cliffhanger! - Wolftail

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