Top 10 Things That Should Happen In by 2023

I'll be 22 by then, here's what we hope and I include myself would happen by then.

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1 Music gets better

Just keep praying, people... Maybe it can happen. - PrincessKiana

Yes. This must happen! - RiverClanRocks

2 Gays can get married everywhere in the world
3 Our kids are born

I want twin girls an their names will be Amethyst and Serena. - PrincessKiana

4 More video games
5 Animation gets better
6 Nicki Minaj retires

That would be great. - cosmo

7 Disney makes more films

Disney movies were my bae when I was little, I hope Disney makes more princess movies and a Big Hero sequel but definitely not Frozen sequels. - PrincessKiana

We have the same exact wish! You know what else happens in 2023? Trips to the planet Mars, that's what. - RockFashionista

8 Silento retires

All his songs are so bad that they give poor little Princess Kiana cancer... - PrincessKiana

9 Africa has less people struggling for food and money

That must happen,I feel guilty that they're starving while we're wasting food. - SamuiNeko

Yeah, forms of media improving are SO much more important than people flat-out STARVING. - Garythesnail

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10 TheTopTens get more popular

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11 Cartoon Network improves
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1. Gays can get married everywhere in the world
2. Our kids are born
3. Music gets better



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