Top 10 Things That Should Happen to Certain Celebrities

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1 She gets banned from all donut shops in the world - Ariana Grande

Hey I like Ariana but your opinion but seriously get over it I'm sure you have done something bad in your life too

I just ate a donut,i wonder if she licked it or not... - SamuiNeko

2 Her butt explodes - Kim Kardashian

Haha I really hate the Kardashians but I would love this

I just had to vote for this. Awesome list, by the way.

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3 She goes bald - Ariana Grande

That's a bit rude I like ari and she hasn't met you in person so don't judge a person by the way they act in a show

4 He quits singing forever - Justin Bieber

Does Justin Bieber have to be first on every list? Its kind of getting annoying. - cosmo

Can we please end this Justin Bieber joke!? - nintendofan126

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5 Goes to taco bell - Caitlyn Jenner

Wait. Is this the transgender guy? - AnonymousChick

6 Goes bankrupt so she can't write songs about someone that owns her money - Rihanna

B**** better have my money was a bad song

7 Her lips fall off - Kylie Jenner


8 Stops rapping - Iggy Azalea

She's ok

9 Goes irrelevant - Nicki Minaj
10 Shuts up, gets out the news, and gets married - Taylor Swift

We don't care about your boyfriend now shut up and get out of the news. - TeenTitansGoSucks

Yeah or stop dating if every guy ain't perfect well guess what NOBODYS PERFECT

The Contenders

11 Died because a plane crashed at his penthouse - Donald Trump
12 Dies - Justin Bieber
13 Forced to have sex with Danny - Nicki Minaj
14 Gets arrested - Miley Cyrus
15 Stops being such a douche - Kanye West
16 Retires - Lil Wayne

Hopefully he will be retiring sometime this year.

17 Goes irrelevant - Rihanna
18 Retires - Adam Sandler
19 Goes to prison forever - Ke$ha
20 Quits the music industry - 2 Chainz
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