Top 10 Things that Should Happen to Danny Phantom

To crazy DP fangirls, yells me whatever you want. But, this list is not for war or trolling. This list is just my opinion about my hatred to Danny Phantom

The Top Ten

1 Chat Noir beats him up

Go, Chat Noir! Chat Noir isn't a gary stu and should beat Danny Phantom up.-Vestalis

2 Randy Cunningham beats him up
3 Buttercup throws him to dumpster

That would be hilarious if she actually did that! I would laugh so hard!

4 Someone should make a reasons why Chat Noir is better than him

I have some reasons:

-Chat Noir is hotter (the eyes are proof)
-Chat Noir is funny
-Chat Noir is not a gary stu. Chat Noir has an allergy to feathers.
-The gay shippings from Danny Phantom are disgusting.-Vestalis

5 Kirito sliced him using his sword
6 He gets drowned and died
7 He gets poisoned
8 His crazy fangirls gets banned from his fandom
9 No one like him anymore and he become the most hated male cartoon character

He will be no were near hated as caillou - epictoonsfan1

10 He gets a crossover with Dora the Explorer

Yes he kills dora - epictoonsfan1

The Contenders

11 Ao Oni bites his head off

I had to add this. I am very sorry because I like Ao Oni. By the way, this is a really good list.-Vestalis

I found this at Ao Oni: The animation in episode 2 when the monster( the oni) bites Takeshi's head off. I watched it in GogoAnime.-Vestalis

12 Twilight Sparkle zaps him with her magic
13 He gets a crossover with Invader Zim
14 He becomes powerless and can't going ghost forever
15 Buttercup beats him

She can easily beat him. He thinks he can defeat everyone, but he would not defeat Buttercup because she is stronger than any of the villains he fights.

16 Gaia Everfree traps him using her vines
17 Sam Dumps Him
18 Paulina Beats Him Up
19 Thanos disintegrates him
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